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How do you think people would react if Obama declared to make a white history month?

Asked by Esculent (48points) February 1st, 2010

I mean would it just be like a shock or would there be all these protestors?

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Get back to me when blacks owned whites like you own your xbox.

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Every month is white history month.

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This is so hypothetically perposterous that I can’t even seriously answer it lol. A multitude of things would happen.

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@johnpowell that occured many years ago no one alive today has experienced that horrible stuff so to make it even should we let them own us so we can have a month too because as long as one race is getting something others don’t there will always be some sort of conflict which is pretty idiotic but true.

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It’s idiotic. I don’t know about true.

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As @janbb said, every month is white history month already and has been ever since Europeans figured out there were people who looked different from them, so what is there to celebrate? They assumed everyone else was inferior and left them out of just about everything except hard work.

Now perhaps if he took an approach to the teaching of history similar to that of Harvard professor Henry Louis Gates Jr., that of removing all white males and their deeds from our history books, then there might be something to fuss about.

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@Esculent No one alive in the US may have experienced it (there are parts of the world where slavery still exists), but most likely everyone’s ancestors at some point had something to do with slavery. Until recent history, slavery was common all over the world. And no, that does not mean it was acceptable. I bet if it were possible to trace your ancestors back far enough, you’d find yourself related to someone who’d been enslaved. When we talk about slavery though, the focus is always on the enslavement of black people by white people in America. That’s only a small part of the big picture of slavery.

As for white history month, the whole idea just cracks me up. I think, “How would we celebrate that month? By giving more attention to the achievements of white people in classrooms or on TV?” And then I think, “Well that wouldn’t be out of the ordinary, so what’s the point?” Setting aside a month for a group of people doesn’t make sense when those people are in the majority.

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Everyone but thee and me, kiddo.

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my people weren’t here during the whole “slavery” thing…. just sayin..heh.

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Not to come off rude but the question was how would people respond not if I am an idiot but please read the question first. I know it isn’t going to happen because I asked how would people respond if I thought it should or could happen I would just wait to see the outcome myself…...

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Maybe he should declare a “Stop Run-on Sentences Month” first? Just sayin’.

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Thanks I enjoy how you are so kind to me please keep them coming I enjoy it so much.

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This thread is getting way off track and I’m going to stay out of it at this point.

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@Esculent – Personally I would possibly fall off the couch laughing if it were to happen. Since it wouldn’t, because Obama is a very bright and well-educated person, it is all hypothetical.

It would probably be a plot by the New World Order or the Zionists or the Commies or somebody.

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I’d think I was reading The Onion.

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White History Month could be filed under the Department of Redundancy Department.

Most of the year is already white history.

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Question: how would I react?

Answer: I wouldn’t. In my experience and opinion, it already happens, every month; he just made it official.

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I don’t know what’s worse, this question or the fact that this question got 3 GA’s

<<shakes head>>

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Wouldn’t that be like be making men’s history month?

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How about we learn about everyone’s history all the time…that would take care of all the unnecessary controversial crap.

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I think the question should be, if there were a “white history month” what should we celebrate in that month? If someone could put a case forward which highlighted a decent amount of positive events/achievments in the history of white people in the same way that black people have their freedom from slavery at the hands of white people then it would be conceivable. The fact is, I don’t think (and I say this as someone classed as a white person, whatever that means!) their is much in white history that is worth celebrating.

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@Chongalicious I agree with you about learning everyone’s history. Even the negative is important because, by learning the negative, we can make sure it doesn’t happen again.

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@Leanne1986 Exactly, that’s the whole point in having history classes! Sigh, people can be so dumb sometimes. :|

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