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Post-viral fatigue, how long does it usually last?

Asked by Jude (32095points) February 2nd, 2010

Actually, the doctors aren’t quite sure what I had. It may have been a viral infection or it could have been a bacterial infection. A few of us (family and friends) were thinking swine flu. It’s gone on for over a month and the worst of it’s over. The only thing that I’m dealing with now is that I feel so damn tired. I could easily sleep all day. And, I can’t exert myself all that much (only light Yoga and a short walk outside). I’m getting really tired of this…

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I had influenza back in 1999 during that real bad flu outbreak. It took me six weeks to get back to anything even close to normal.
Just take it slow and easy, eat healthy foods and get some fresh air when you can. I wish you well.

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My husband was sick with the flu all of october, and I was only sick for two weeks..but a cough lingered for over a month, and I just got worn out very easily and would feel symptoms of illness coming back if I overdid it.
I’d say you’ll probably be feeling it for at least another couple weeks. It stinks because you sort of feel better, but then you go out and get exhausted so easily! I’d just take it easy. Rest when you can after work. It stinks, but you’ll get over it soon enough.

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Let’s just say for an example it was swine flu…the effects and impact of a full on flu viras attack can be quite protracted and take weeks even months to get fully back on your feet. The important part is to listen to your body. The fatigue is your body telling you to take it easy! People who have tried to go back to normal activity too soon are the ones who are ending up in the ICU’s when the virus fires back up and goes in for the kill. Get rest, eat good whole foods, work on boosting your immune system back up. Get out in the sun and fresh air for a ½ hour a day. I hope you feel better soon!

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The fatigue can linger for a depressingly long time; you jsut have to listen to it and go easy. It will end.

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Um… until the next virus approaches? At which time it becomes “pre-viral breakdown and susceptibility”.

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@CyanoticWasp um, kiss my ass. ;-)

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But you might still be contagious!

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It depends on how healthy you were before you cam down sick. If you have been in relatively good health for a long time, it will be shorter. If you take good care of yourself going forward, it will be shorter.

The actual time could be anywhere from one week to three or four weeks.

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If it was really H1N1, my doctor said the most recent research puts the recovery period for 10% of those afflicted at ‘up to 18 months’ and explained that the recovery period would be similar to mono. It took me 11 months to feel all normal again.
Any one else experience H1N1?

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