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Why does my cat like to roll in catnip?

Asked by Frankie (4032points) February 2nd, 2010

My cat loves catnip, but he doesn’t really eat it like I’ve seen most cats do. Instead, he rubs his body all over it, writhing around on the floor trying to cover his body in the little flecks of catnip. Why does he do this? I thought cats like eating it and that’s how it stimulates them…does rubbing in it give them the same reaction?

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Cat’s personality can vary from one to another. I think it doesn’t matter as long as he enjoys that.

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My cat does that too.

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Well, catnip is like ecstacy for cats. He’s :)

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He just wants to get all of it that he can. Missing any of it is an extreme loss of the good stuff.

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I imagine it is just as @Chongalicious has described.

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My cat Annie rolled around in the plant so much that she ended up killing it. lol

It’s due to nepetalactone, a chemical in catnip that mimics a cat pheromone.

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