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What's the dumbest thing you've had to justify doing?

Asked by Army0f0n3 (148points) February 2nd, 2010

Over the holiday, I was given all sorts of crap for buying my friend a gift. It boggled me thinking about why it mattered to other people.

Have you ever run into a situation where you’ve had to explain a simple action such as this?
Why do people care so much about what we do if it doesn’t effect them in any way?
Why do people feel the need to force feed us their opinions?

Want to share your story?

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Smoking weed. Sigh, but don’t worry I quit a long while back.

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If you think that it’s the dumbest thing to help others then don’t do it. We help because we care.

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Now that you mentioned it…

“Why did I take the interstate? Well…it’s faster than the back country dirt roads…Check you GPS!...what do you mean there could be ice, it’s the middle of summer!”

That was me last year on my cellphone. My lovely relatives from back East came to visit and had the romantic notion that dirt road was faster than the modern version. My nine year old cousin had tripped in the ditch and was bleeding all over. I grabbed my car, to lead the way to the hospital, but they insisted on taking their minivan, which only had room for them and her because of all their junk. You would think they would want to take the fastest way with their daughter in danger. Go figure.

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Probably spending way too much time on social media. :-)

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Earlier today I had a pretty lengthy debate (here on fluther) over why I am a Christian. Why should someone who doesn’t believe in a God even care? Seems pretty silly to have to justify to me.

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Supporting Sarah Palin.

(Nothing political, just mommy issues)

I win! ;)

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Well, She was indeed the most attractive vice-Presidential candidate I’ve ever seen. I justified it as ’ voting for the hot chick’. Which opened up a whole lot of other things I had to explain. :-D

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@Army0f0n3 sweetheart, your first mistake is the belief that you had to justify anything. You didn’t and you don’t. Talk to me another time, ok? I’ve got your back. ;-)

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When I started college at age 14, I was forced to submit my college transcripts to the state school authorities for two years. Compliance with their silly compulsory-education laws. Like I was some kind of delinquent because I wasn’t attending high school.

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knifing my wrists and legs with razors on a number of different occasions

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Stealing three dollars worth of candy from SuperStore and getting caught by the cops.

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Marrying my second wife

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