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Teen plastic surgery wanted by mom to further daughter's career, good, bad, or who cares?

Asked by Hypocrisy_Central (26840points) February 4th, 2010

Should a mother have the right or persuade her daughter to have plastic surgery to further a career? If a mother who was on the fence about trying to get her 15 year old daughter to see the plusses in plastic surgery but is all for it after seeing the results of all Heidi Montag did and believes it would help her daughter fledging model career and maybe break her into stage or screen, what would you say to her, and what would you tell the daughter if you could?

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I wouldn’t want my daughter thrown to the wolves like that in the first place. Not a healthy environment.
To answer the question, I think that 15 is a bit young for elective plastic surgery.

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The child is not finished growing. I wouldn’t be in favour of such surgery. It feels a little exploitative for a mother to urge or force a 15 year old kid to have plastic surgery. And see how everyone is shocked about Heidi and she’s 23? An adult, but shockingly young for what she did to herself. How can parent teach their children acceptance of their bodies if you’ve got parents pushing their kids into the operating room?

To be a high-fashion model? A career where only 3 women today older than 30 are still working? Psh! No. I don’t think it’s right.

I’d say, “Kid, if you’ve got the talent, and you really, really want to be an actress or model, go for it. Know your career might be short, but try to do it on your terms.”

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I would advocate a mandatory brain transplant for the mother instead.

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Plastic surgery is a very serious procedure and should only be performed when the patient wants it done. No reputable doctor would do this without the patient’s consent.

I think they need to see a psychologist, and maybe a good cosmetician. Most improvements can be made with the proper training.

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That’s really taking the term “stage mother” to a ridiculous extreme.

How shallow can a Mother get? Sheesh !

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This just seems symptomatic of our poisonous society.

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I’m tempted to say only in America however this is becoming more prevalent in most societies unfortunately.To the mother & the daughter wtf.

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First of all there are a lot of beautiful young women who still aren’t able to break into the modeling field no matter how perfect their looks are. Plenty of times agencies are looking for a fresh young face. Not one they’ve seen a thousand times already. If mom makes her into another barbie there is a chance she will be looked over for having perfect features. There is no real way of knowing what will appeal to one agency over another. They don’t want cookie cutter models. Actually a lot of them are plain but have features that are easy to transform into different looks.
Mom may be cutting off her nose in spite of her face.
Poor kid. I feel sorry she has such a self absorbed mom. At 15 she should be concentrating on school and having fun.
Like someone mentioned. Its unbelievable that she would consider putting her daughter under the knife for a job that will last only till 30. She is only 15, she may want to be a model today or a doctor tomorrow. Maybe then she can fix mom if she hasn’t screwed up her head so much by then.

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All this mother is doing is persuading her own daughter that she is not attractive enough naturally. What kind of mother would want their child to feel that way?

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Short of fixing an unattractive nose at age 15, everything else should wait and let nature take it’s course.

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I think that causes serious emotional and psychological damage to someone in their adolescence. It tells them that they are not naturally pretty and they have to keep undergoing surgeries to improve themselves and artificially boost their confidence. I don’t think its right at all.

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15 is very young. I would hope that even if the mother is inclined to push this a doctor would refuse. There are exceptions of course, like as @PandoraBoxx suggested for a very unnatractive nose, but even then people usually wait until around 17 so growing is more complete. And, even with the nose it should be the child who wants it, not the mother pushing it. Sounds awful to me.

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It’s her body. If she wishes to go through plastic surgery, I would run through the pros and cons and asking her if she’s sure. I’m not going to force my future kid through anything except going to the torture room school.

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sounds like “mom“the body issues. and should worry about herself and let her daughter make her own decisions about her body when she is old enough. 18.

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I think it’s ridiculous. I am not perfect even by a longshot. Heidi f&$ked up. I think she is hideous espicially now. But that’s my opinion.
I think the mother has some self confidence issues, that she hasn’t worked through so she is having her flaws fixed on her daughter.
My question to the girl would be, if you didn’t have your mother in your way, what is it that you truely want in life? What are your dreams and aspirations?

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aprilsimnel, PandoraBoxx, Not that it would make it that much better but the “work” would be to the nose, eyes, chin/jaw and ears, Mother Nature will take care of the boobs and sports and dance will look after the body if she is not starving herself.

TheJoker How does it keep happening or lingering around? Is it us? Society keeps saying “beauty is only skin deep, your personality will get you further than pretty” etc yet you have a flap over Susan Boyle sung on the UK’s talent show because she did not look like Carrie Underwood, Lady Ga Ga or something. And test after test have shown attractive people get more help with stuff they dropped, heavy loads in the office, directions on the street. You can’t leave a super market without passing racks of magazines all with slender attractive women on them; even the women’s magazines have slender bikini gals on them. Would those publishers put out magazines like that if people were really not into it? And every time you see the red carpet walk there is all the attractive starlets busting a move. If Madison Avenue is feeding it who opened the buffet?

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Susan Boyle is 48 years old, not 15. Susan Boyle, for better or worse, has grown into her facial features. A 15 year old has not. Wait. Unless there is a biological reason to mess with that stuff, like a deviated septum, I think a kid’s face should be left alone.

The media kept harping on Ms. Boyle’s looks because 24-hour news cycles need filling. Don’t mistake that for reality. Remember, Susan Boyle still has a recording contract and she will do just fine. She knows she’s got talent, and at 48, she was finally ready to put it out there.

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@aprilsimnel Yes Susan Boyle for all the griping which may have kept her in the headlights of the right people” did get the last laugh on that. But all the other “Susan Boyles” out there who get passed up for the “Carrie Underwoods” don’t have media buzz to save them. Montag looks attractive maybe like live airbrush but she was that before. If a record lable had the choice of 2 great singers and one was a “Taylor Swift” type and the other was a plain Jane at 265lb who is going to get the nod? With men it seem to be more about the singing than the looks but it seems with women it is more the other way. Documentries about kiddie pageants I hardly ever seen some 160lb 9 year old breaking her chops out there trying to get the tiara. If teens or their parents are so sold on improving the looks or the looks itself is it because somewhere in society people keep stoking that fire?

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So don’t take part. Steer the child towards something that will be fulfilling and good for the world that has deeper meaning than looks and being able to sing and dance on a stage. Don’t cut the child up! What values are you imparting to the girl by rearranging her eyes, nose, chin, jaw and ears? It’s telling her she’s not good enough the way she is.

If she really wants to sing, then let her do what people have done from time immemorial; have her sing at any church group, barbecue, picnic, talent show, etc. that she can enter, let her bust her chops like everyone else and forget Taylor Swift. Cutie-pies who can get Auto-tuned are a dime a dozen. What makes her stand out besides looks?

That’s the value you want to teach. Looks are fleeting. And Heidi can’t move her friggin’ face.

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@aprilsimnel If she were my daughter she WOULD be precious and beautiful now all parents may say that but if so I am guilty along with them. I agree it is an elective surgery. I would not put my girl through that because she is perfect remember but I know everyone won’t think as I do so I will teach her to be sharp on her wits and her intelligence because I would never want her to think she can just cruise off her looks and be as dumb as a turnip.

The obsession with beauty and pretty people is still here, maybe them boys on Madison Avenue way back when started the fire by having some pretty girl hawk some dish soap. Its still happening to make young girls or their parents want to get them elective surgeries some even get them for graduation gifts. If you did not add wood to that fire, and @Joker didn’t and neither did I I don’t think, maybe when I was younger who did? That is what I was asking.

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Totally not cool

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Very bad. First, the daughter should be allowed to decide for herself. Second, children need acceptance from their parents. If Mom pressures her daughter to change her appearance, the girl may think, “I’m ugly. I have a face or body that not even a mother can love.” She will suffer from self-esteem issues, all because her mother is superficial. If Mom thinks her daughter needs plastic surgery to compete in a particular profession, then she should probably encourage the girl to consider a career path where more important attributes than looks are valued.

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Teenages should not be getting plastic surgery, first off they are not mature enough to make such a big decition and secondly, they need to learn the value of loveing themselfs. One things is for damn sure my future daughter will not be getting plastic surgery when she is a teen, she’ll have to wait to do this when is grown up.

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I’ve caught several episodes of Tyra Banks’ show (okay, all of them), and I don’t think a single one of the girls that made it past the first few episodes had “perfect features”.

There was one girl who had eyes as big as saucers. Another with scars all over her body from a childhood incident with fire. One girl – who had Asperger’s Syndrome – went through half the competition with flesh-eating bacteria on her face – and her pictures during that time were awesome.

Modeling is a form of salesmanship, not a celebration of perfection. StageMom should learn what she’s trying so hard to get her daughter into before she fucks up the girl’s life.

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@Seek_Kolinahr I have seen most cycles of ANTM and I seen the gal who survived the fire and had the scars as well as several who had “fish-like eyes” as well as other quirkiness. But those with the “eyes” and or the scars have yet to win. Not to justify parents pushing cosmetic surgery but that could be one factor (if one had to play devil’s advocate) :-)

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@Seek_Kolinahr ANTM is my guilty pleasure!

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That mom’s FACE needs plasti-
Wait, nevermind. It probably does, though.

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We can’t just judge the mother, But a 15 year old girl to undergo plastic surgery I think its too early for her age. Even though the girl also want it, I don’t think plastic surgeon would want it. Plastic Surgery is for adding beauty, the mother can’t say that the future of her daughter will be okay if she undergo plastic surgery. I will be more convinced if her daughter need to have reconstructive surgery then it would be more okay.

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@monicamontes000 We can’t just judge the mother, But a 15 year old girl to undergo plastic surgery I think its too early for her age.
I would not say judge the mom on if she was a good mother or not, but even good mothers can make bad decisions. It is a bad decision to let your daughter go under the knife when not necessary, who can really tell. If the girl had a complication that led to death, most will surely say it was poor judgment, if she landed a 7 figure contract, then they would say it was a stroke of brilliance

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