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What can I do to make my yappy little poodle stop barking?

Asked by zombo (132points) March 2nd, 2008

She’s a teacup poodle so many of the anti-barking collars and such do absolutely nothing. She weighs only 3 lbs and is 5 yrs old. She barks at everything!

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just scold her and tell her no when she starts barking- other than that I font know; my sister and I have 4 poodles:-)

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whatever you do don’t abuse it

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no I wouldnt reccomend abuse!

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what she just started barking at everything after 5 yrs? If so how have u been doing it? If not maybe it is the age..

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Bigger bark collar (great dane version)? Although that might weigh as much as the dog. :-)

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If all else fails, ask your vet about an antidepressant for her. I heard some people put their yappy dogs on prozac or paxil with good results. Just don’t try to medicate her yourself. the dosages for dogs are completely different that for people, and you might give her a toxic dose.

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ok this is what u do, everytime it starts barking slap it in the face hard, so it learns. And eventually it will be near death or close and it will stop.

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she’s been a barker since she was a pup. We don’t hit her because I don’t believe in that. We shout “No!” or “no speak” I’ve also tried a squirt bottle filled with water. Nothing works. every noise she hears causes her to bark.

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watch ceasar milans show

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doggie valum! Ask your vet its called ACE

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ACE: is that safe to keep them on 24/7?

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yes or the dr can prescribe an anti anxiety med

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if you live in an upper floor in an apartment building throw it out the window

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get a squirt gun and squirt her with water when she does. that worked really well with our pekingese for awhile. it’s hard to be consistent with that.

the best thing we have found is a bark collar that squirts a citronella smell when they bark. it distracts them and the citrus smell is unpleasant. this has worked awesome! it’s just a little bulky especially on small dogs. but they learn with the first bark. we to the “DON“T” and a squirt with water when we’re home and when they have to be home alone, we do the squirt bark collar.

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How about those pet training places? Have you approached anywhere from one of those (before paying)? I think PetSmart holds sessions. I’d also look into resources such as the shows “Dog Whisperer” and there must be a lot of books on training dogs, particularly your breed?

She could also be extremely excited to be “getting out” if she only does it outside. It’s great you’re trying to resolve this before someone starts to complain, if that potential exists.

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