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what do teenage girls like in a guy?

Asked by PasteyShane (20points) March 2nd, 2008
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what does any girl like in a guy? who knows?????

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double post but hey, who knows x2

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Someone who’s proud to have us as their girlfriend, and who WANTS to show us off to their friends, not hide us or act different when he’s around his friends.

And of course the normal answer: caring, sensitive, there for us when we need a shoulder to cry/lean on, etc.

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Teenage girls aren’t mature enough to see past looks, so unfortunately appearance and social rank are often of primary importance.

Beyond that, they like guys who do classically romantic things, like buying them flowers, taking them on dates, watching sunsets with them, etc.

Teenage girls basically suck at relationships. Consider them practice.

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(appearance and social rank are often of primary importance.) I agree. They pretty much want a trophy boyfriend… One that will increase their popularity and social status. And their relationships usually don’t last more than a few weeks at the most.

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welllll im a teenage girl and i try not to look at their outward appearance so much as the inward appearance. if the girl doesnt like you because your not cute enough or arent popular enough chances are you wouldnt be happy with her anyways. she would seem shallow. and i like when they have things in common with me when they are smart and want to talk to me and not hit on me. i like artistic boys with a sense of style. i like funny boys who can be serious too. i like boys who are nice to other people and have their own set of opinons and not just agreeing with everyone else. i like boys who arent all into drugs and just want to have sex. i dont see how thats hard its just a respectable guy i mean artistic and has a sense of style is just what i personally like but any girl wants a nice boy i dont know thats just sorta common sense. this was sucha silly question haha

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A good hip thrust and nice hair.

By which I’m completely kidding and actually mean that nice hair comes first. <.<

(Still kidding.)

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Okay, i’ll be serious now… Its been a long time since i’ve been able to grace that playing field with my presence, but from what I recall it really depends on the kind of girl that you want.
For example: I’m the geeky science art girl who dressed like a flowerchild and disappeared periodically. I like my boys gentlemanly. I made my boy take an IQ test before I seriously considered dating him. Plus it does help a little bit that he’s gorgeous (at least in my eyes). He was able to impress me with things like intensely good acting and dance, and unicycling and juggling and doing poi in his spare time. Plus he can be cynical, critical, and stable when I need him to be.
Another Example: My girlfriend Alexandra would never ever settle for someone like my SO. She’s more of the firecracker overachiever type. Not that talented in anything, so she tries to make up for it by forcing a lot of things. She’s only attracted to testosterone heavy manly boys. She wants to see what he can do in a spar before she’ll give him the time of day.

It all depends on the type of girl that you personally want. Just don’t fake it. We hate that.

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It depends on the girl. Most of the girls I dated during high school wanted an older and mature guy. They want someone who had a car to take them new places. They wanted someone who could buy them things. They crave for the feeling of being wanted and loved. Pretty shallow stuff but can you really blame them? Its part of the reason why it never really work out with these type of girls.
So if you pondering about that hot cheerleader forget it. You will end up unhappy. What you might want to really pay attention to is someone you never notice. You know that female ‘friend’ who always hang around, the one that laughs even at your lame jokes. This girl probably will appreciate you even with your odd quirks. Save yourself grief and try it

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Their own car.

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watch My So Called Life. Jordan Catalano is perfection. and yes spargett he has a REALLY hot car…

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You’ve started it now!

In my opinion, we girls like someone who isn’t embarrased to be with us, and treats us like a best friend too. We like cuddles a lot, it makes us feel all warm and snuggly inside ^^
Mature guys are always better, someone who will help you if you’re stuck and stuff. I could go on for ages, but thats it for now =]

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I used to hate when guys would be really cool and nice one-on-one but then got SUPER AWKWARD and weird around other people because they were embarrassed by the whole “girlfriend” thing and didn’t know how to act. So don’t do that!

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Honestly, i don’t think that ALL teenagers’s relationships are pathetically just for fun. There are many teenagers, who don’t just date like a player, but is waiting for ‘the one’. It’s true that there are those stupid relationships that some have where it’ll only last a measly few weeks, but it also depends on what kind of people they are, and what they’re expecting… but not generally all teenagers. Some of them ARE mature enough. Looking for the right guy who cares about them when they’re sick, cares how they feel…etc And some teenagers are even still just waiting till they’re old enough before they even start dating.

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i believe all teenage girls want a really cool guy that is not too serious and parties all the time and usually does some cool drugs while having lots of friends and money and needs to have a car. teenage girls dont really like the sappy sentimental cuddily well sometimes cuddly side of guys but for the most part from what i have experienced the girls will cheat and all they want to do in their teen years is party and not take much seriously like relationships. a girl says in a naggy voice ” all i wanna do is party,, wahh” lol but i like girls and they are fun but dont take them seriously cause they wont with you either, just some advice :) hope it helped. oh yeah and dont be whipped by a girl that is giving you nothing in return! im kinda doing that right now and wasting my money!

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You, sir, know nothing about women.

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see now there is this girl in class that i like and we where just good friends at first now we are dateing and she said that her last boyfriend was always with friends and would take her places and bye her things and she just did not want all that.he acted like a complete jerk to her around his friends so then i had the opertunity to show her that money in a guy isent the way to she is happy now i can tell

p.s. dont know if this helps hope it does

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id like to meat this delirum chick lol

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Join the club. ;)

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They obviously care about outward appearance but they like someone who can make them laugh and smile

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