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My fellow head shavers. Is there a razor (manual) that you've found can survive more than 2 shavings?

Asked by JeanPaulSartre (5779points) February 5th, 2010

Maybe I’m just buying crumby razors, or my hair is too think, but I can’t find a razor that can withstand the pressures of shaving my head more than a couple times before it starts doing more harm than good. I’ve tried most of the “middle of the road” razors – the Gillette 3, the Schick 4, etc. I’m about ready to give up and just buy a bunch of low end BIC single blades and figure “oh well” if they only last one shaving. I even sometimes use an electric to “pre-shave” but this doesn’t seem to help.

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I always used a Gillette Sensor, seemed to last a while.

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I use a 5 blade razor. And that gadget that will re-sharpen it.

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I gave up on manual razors for my head, and bought a Norelco three-head revolving electric shaver that gives me the best-looking, easiest to shave scalp I have ever had. You don’t even need a mirror: because of bone-conduction, you can hear if there is any hair left where you are shaving, and when it’s quiet, move on. I do it while I watch TV.

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@dpworkin – I will have to look into that. Sounds like a good one.

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Thanks everyone.

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I use a weed wacker.I love adventure;)

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@lucillelucillelucille – Hmmmmmm.

Why does that statement turn me on?

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I’ve used one of these and found it pretty easy to do without looking.

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@Lightlyseared – I have always though of getting one.
It just seems more like play and I just want to “Get er Dun.”

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@Chaz Maz—because you love bowling?

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