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Which electric razor should I buy for my husband?

Asked by sarahsugs (2906points) March 30th, 2011

My husband shaves every day, and I would like to buy him an electric razor. I have no idea which ones are the best. Any recommendations?

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Here is a site that reviews electric razors.

Source: Consumer Search

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I know it might be a spoiler if this is intended to be a surprise, but you might ask your husband if he is interested in switching to an electric razor.

Shaving is a personal thing. Getting a different type of shaving related equipment without knowing if he has a desire to try it is kind of like him getting you a new skin care system out of the blue. It might turn out to be a very welcome change. OTOH, don’t be insulted if the electric razor thing just isn’t for him.

As for my personal opinion, I used to use electric razors, but found that they don’t give nearly as close a shave and can sometimes irritate the skin. Additionally, all of those little tiny hairs wind up in a clump in the head (which needs to be cleaned periodically) and tend to get scattered about rather than being neatly encapsulated in blobs of shaving cream that get washed down the drain.

Norelco and Braun are both make good electric razors.

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Better to get a regular 4–5 blade razor disposal and also get a nice (wahl peanut) trimmer from the beauty store. (walh peanut) Your Husband would be very surprised if you bought this. Well at least my hubby was surprised. Good Luck!

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I have never had great luck with a regular electric razor. Despite the advertising, the truth is that they don’t match the closeness of a blade .And, assuming he uses a decent shaving cream/gel, they aren’t any quicker or more comfortable. Granted, they are better than a twin-blade disposable, but I will take my Mach 3 Power over any electric any day. I’ve tried a few (Braun, Norelco, foil, disc…) and none compared favorably. I am with @YoBob in that you might want to check and see if he’ll even use it; I know that I wouldn’t even if my darling wife bought it for me. I would appreciate the sentiment, but the razor would be returned unopened.

The regular Mach 3 does a great job and not only makes my face smooth, but cuts close enough to keep it smooth all day; with electrics, I would be lucky to still have a shave that was acceptable by the Navy by lunchtime. The M3 Power has the same closeness, but makes things a bit quicker and a lot easier; one long, slow pass instead of a bunch of short strokes. (Trying long strokes with an unpowered razor tends to snag and carve me up.)

Personally, I find 4–5 blades to be worse since they have wider heads that don’t follow contours as well, and 2 just doesn’t get as close, so I stick with 3.

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Go with a Panasonic. I would never use any other brand.

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