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Quick techniques that will help a sort of loose tooth become very loose?

Asked by lexipoorocks (146points) February 5th, 2010

I am not an adult yet so not ALL of my baby teeth are out put I want them to be! So one of my baby teeth is loose but it’s not ready if you know what I’m saying. What are some tricks that will help it become looser and looser. And dont say tie a string to a door and shut it because its not ready to come out yet I just need a few tricks to put up my sleeve that will make it become more and more loose.

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Just play with it. Constantly. With your finger and with your tongue.

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Which teeth? The molars or frontal? How old are you?

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One string to the tooth, the other end to a door. Close door.

Works for most problems.

Sorry, needed to be said. AGAIN.

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@ChazMaz do you have a brain? did you read the description?!?!?


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Wow, ya think we were talking about homosexual Christians.

So sorry my children. How about, tweak it out with a toothpick.

Is that better? ;-)

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my first response sounds extremely sexual out of context

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Go bungee jumping, except have the cord around your tooth.

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@Hydrogenbond – Did you not read the part that said to not refer to bungee around the tooth?

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just keep wiggling it. depending on how old you are, it’ll come out when it’s ready. when it’s really sore and pretty loose you can get mad at it and take a piece of cotton gauze, dry the tooth, grab it with the gauze, and give it a good, twisting yank. It’ll come out

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Most of my loose teeth came out whilst chewing rolo’s.

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My dad had a baby tooth until he had it pulled when he was in his 40s. Just sayin’

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@Pazza mm. Rollos. Edible heaven.

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@ChazMaz – Oops, I guess I missed that. You’d think we were talking about Religion here! Ha ha.

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