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How do I get a smell out of a dry-clean only fabric?

Asked by le_inferno (6189points) February 5th, 2010

Part of my roommate’s comforter has an odd stench. She can’t wash it because it’s dry clean only. She’s tried Febreeze a few times, but it doesn’t help get rid of the smell. Any suggestions (besides having to take it to a dry cleaner)?

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You could try putting it in a closed plastic bag along with some newspaper. Sometimes that will absorb the odor.

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There is a product called dryel that uses your personal dryer as a “dry cleaning” option. You can get it at any pharmacy.

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If Fabreeze can’t cut it, I don’t know what else can. There’s probably something in the comforter growing amidst the batting that’s causing the stench….pretty much like a science project.

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Dry clean it.

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Sprinkle baking soda over the area for 24 hours, or in a bag like @augustlan said. you might have to clip the stitching and see what’s in there!!!

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Leave it for a few weeks in a plastic garbage bag with an open bag of charcoal. You might also try baking soda.

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The bag and baking soda sounds promising. If the smell is that bad, offer to split the dry cleaning cost with her this one time to get rid of the stench in your shared space.

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Air it outside for a day, but not on grass or anywhere it will pick up moisture.

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Take it to a “Natural Cleaner” that has a process of doing Dry Clean fabrics in water rather then chemical fluid. I’ll send a link in a second. Try this Natural Cleaners Wet Cleaning. I’ve met Marilyn and she is very good at what she does. and she doesn’t buy anything from me…not that I haven’t tried

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