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How would I get a deodorant mark out of a polyester dress?

Asked by ubersiren (15170points) October 21st, 2009

It took me forever to find a dress to wear to a wedding this weekend. I purchased it with a small deodorant mark on it, hoping I could just get it off somehow. But I’m scared of ruining or discoloring the dress (dark brown). Will plain water work? Any suggestions?

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Plain water and a washcloth.

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I use this stuff for spots and stains. I found it at AC Moore… it’s available at most chain craft stores I think, and it’s incredible. I’m talking year-old, washed and dried grease stains here.

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Take a pair of nylons, put one leg over your hand and rub onto the deodorant mark, should come right off ^_^ My Grandmum and Mum have been using this technique since before I was born ;) – LB

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I used to work in retail and I used to always make sure to have a box of baby wipes on hand for this purpose at the store. They work wonders!

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oh, and @scamp and I discovered that if you’re eating something, a nice BLT say, and a piece of mayonnaise-y bacon falls on your shirt… you know that shirt is now for the rag pile because that grease will NEVER come out… if you immediately rub an antibacterial wipe on it, like a Clorox cleaning wipe, when it dries, you’ll never even notice a stain was there.

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@poofandmook:Why aren’t you flossing this minute?

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@gailcalled: Well, for one, it isn’t my scheduled break time, so I’m chained to my desk. Two, scamp sits next to me and she’s eating at the moment, so I think that would be pretty inconsiderate. Three, I don’t have a mirror at my desk, and because of the retainer, I need it to see where I’m threading the floss. The biggest reason, however, is that I went to the dentist this morning for a cleaning, and they flossed for me, and I haven’t eaten anything since.

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Polyster should be easy to wash without worry. The only thing to remember is that it will melt under a hot iron.

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I love stain removal tips!

@ElleBee : I’ll definitely give that a try since it’s such a popular answer. Seems pretty harmless and sounds cool! Thanks for the tip.

@poofandmook : Would antibacterial alcohol gel work? Hand sanitizer, I wonder? Grease stains are my ENEMY.

@gailcalled : Hahaha…

@sjmc1989 : I certainly have baby wipes. Great idea!

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@ubersiren: I believe so. Before I discovered that, I had a little antibacterial foaming soapless hand cleanser bottle from Bath & Body, and I would squirt that on a stain and it seemed to do the same thing.

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@ubersiren Your very welcome! Good luck and I hope ti works for you :D – LB

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@ubersiren try a gentle handwash soap, I use carex, it should survive a gentle handwash in luke warm water, hope you get the stain out and enjoy the wedding :)

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Use a brush to remove as much as possible before wet spotting.

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