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Where should I go in my weekend away in Britain?

Asked by ModernEpicurian (1638points) February 5th, 2010

Okay, so I’m having my first free weekend in about 8 months, starting tomorrow. (Yay!)

In celebration I’ve decided that I’m going to travel to somewhere random in Britain and spend a couple of days there.

So, naturally, I thought that I would ask you guys whether you could recommend anywhere in particular and a hotel in which I could stay.

I would ask, however, that this place be accessible by train and be positively lovely :-)

All replies appreciated!

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I would go for Bath; great walkable, small city. Lots of history, culture and good food and pubs. The train station is right in the middle of town. You can even hike out into the countryside if you are so inclined.

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London. Best museums I’ve ever seen. My two favorites are the London Museum and the Naval Maritime Museum. Then, of course, there is the British Museum.

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Edinburgh. Just because.

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Depends if you want peace & quiet or a town.
For peace and quiet and an absolutely lovely little town Tenby in Wales is a good choice. Weymouth in the south of England has lots going for it as well.
For a main town Glasgow is very compact with loads of free museums, and plenty of shops.

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The Lake District (heaven, assuming it doesn’t rain which, admittedly, is a big assumption).

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How about the Isle of Skye? I loved the little towns there, and the scenery was fabulous. Alternatively, as @the100thmonkey said, Edinburgh is cool, too.

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Yorkshire moors for the scenery alone.

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Cornwall! Anyway, I saw some episodes of Wild West (odd, but funny comedy series with Catherine Tate and Dawn French) recently, and I thought the area was so beautiful. Others have mentioned the other places I’d visit: Edinburgh, Lake District, London.

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As Dr Dredd said The Isle of Skye is lovely – you need to experience it to understand how different its – unfortunately , there is no railway on the island

unfortunately there is no railway on the island -;(

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@Sandydog No, but I found driving (for me, on the opposite side of the road I was used to) to be part of the fun!

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How about Glastonbury. It is only a small place, but it is very special. The abbey ruins make such a statement. Or how about Stonehenge. The standing stones are awesome.

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Where did you end up going?

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