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What are some overrated video games, and what makes you say they're overrated?

Asked by Berserker (33506points) February 5th, 2010

From any era, in any genre, on any format, what video games, or video game series, do you find to be, or have been, overrated? And how come?
An overrated video game can be a lot of things; a game that was hyped for secondary aspects of the formula, such as graphics or sound, but had totally lame gameplay. It can be a game that became popular just because of its shock value. Or perhaps because much investments went into advertising it…
For example, Killer Instinct for the Snes may have only been awesome for people who know nothing about fighting games. Mortal Kombat was defined by gore and nothing else. Final Fantasy VII was revolutionary for the RPG world but really wasn’t all that great. Metal Gear Solid is just one huge movie. Silent Hill may be pretty and freaky, but playing it is a chore.
Please note; the above are merely examples to get the ball rolling, and do not reflect my personal opinions. (Silent Hill rules.)

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Portal: I mean the gameplay and storyline are excellent, but for a game that only lasts 2 hours and is pretty limited in how you can use the portal weapon I’m not convinced that it’s as great as everyone makes it out to be.

Crysis: great if you can afford to play it – which you can’t.

Every real-time or non-puzzle iPhone/iPod Touch game: people keep showing me this, despite the fact that I own and play iPhone games like this already. We get it: you can tilt to move something around – how intuitive, but not revolutionary… people were making games like this for GameBoy Color.

Plus: no buttons, only 6 hours of playtime, you play with it on the bus and you get mugged, you get a call and you’re completely out of the game.

Scribblenauts: The buggy camera controls and very complicated missions make what could have been a great game really unpleasant to play.

GTAIV: “You mean if I walk into a car that’s hardly moving I’ll fall over and go all ragdoll?!” “It took us 13 months to develop that feature. No complaining.”

Pokémon Gold: everyone knows Pokémon Silver was way better – iron bird pokémon vs. a giant teddy bear pokémon? Dealbreaker.

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Animal Crossing. There is only so much you can actually do in that game.

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I’ve always been a fan of First Person shooters, but I could never get into Halo. I’m a huge Half-Life 2 fan, which you’d think would make me a Halo fan too, but Halo is just so…generic. I didn’t think it was very interesting.

Almost any MMORPG is overrated. World of WarCraft is just straight up stupid. I liked Guild Wars, but that’s really the only exception.

Most RTS games are overrated—this genre seems to think “more features/gadgets = better game”, but most RTS games (Supreme Commander, Red Alert, Age of Empires) have so many things you can do, so many game dynamics, that most games go on forever and end either by complete chance or me quitting the game after 2 hours of back and forth. Blizzard had it figured out with StarCraft, which has to be one of the most perfect games ever crafted, and the past 14 years has seen nothing but over-complicated and much-hyped RTS games.

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Maybe I’m just tired of videgames altogether, but Modern Warfare 2 wasn’t special. All these videogames have the same redundant goals and controls, there’s no actual reward besides some cinematics and unlocking more crap to play the game all over again with.

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I refuse to call any game overrated really. It’s all about different gaming personality types (See Bartle test [I am AKES, for anyone curious]).

I hated Bioshock, it was hours of running through the same style of corridor and building, following the arrow atop my screen. It didn’t succeed at stressing FPS or RPG aspects. I gave up after defeating Sander Cohen.

I hated Dragon Age: Origins. There was way too much talking to every fucking Tom, Dick and Harry. On top of that, there was too much micromanagement. After picking up any piece of equipment, having to cycle through 4 characters to decide whether it’s an upgrade (Plus considering the allies who are sitting out) was not fun. Rearranging 3 characters’ AI after each levelup due to a new skill is not my idea of fun either.

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Well, Spore was hyped up to unreasonable amounts before it came out. And I thought it kind of sucked.

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Xenogears. Holy fucking shit. It was really cool but seriously? SERIOUSLY? they have dialogue sequences that no word of a lie, I just had my button on turbo hitting X or whatever it was to move on, and it took 30 minutes to get though? I like reading, I do, but if I want to read I’ll get a damn book. I want to play a video game, though, thats why i bought a playstation!

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@odali I own two copies of that game. I’ve never played either of them. Lol.

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@Symbeline haha, it really is pretty good, and the story is decent theres just so much of it, it makes you resentful. There are times you just want to play the game. One particularly frustrating part is there is a LONG dialogue sequence (prob 10–20 mins with turbo not reading it) right before a hard boss battle and you cannot save between. When playing RPGs I tend to level up so much more than I need to I didnt have a problem with it, but my friend died a couple times and it pissed him off so much that he almost quit playing the game.

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The intro itself is so long too. I mean yeah the video is awesome, I’m sure the whole game is but Christ, a 15 minute long video about a spaceship going bonkers?

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Hahahaha yeah def .. that actually made me laugh out loud.

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Guess I’ll give it a whirl some day…I’m already considered a sinner among the RPG communities for owning two copies of such a rare and wanted game and not caring two shits about it so far lol.

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Well, please tell me you’ve played Chrono Trigger at least..

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Oh FUCK yeah. It’s among one of my fave RPG’s ever. I’ve owned it for more than ten years, both Snes and PS port included. I don’t think I can ever get tired of this game.
Magus ftw

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I never ended up using magus too much until my last playthough… which was prob number.. idk 30? lol… he is awesome… i think I had chrono, magus, and.. I think either Marle or Robo for healing.

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It sucks using him because he can’t do any Techs, but those are hardly worth it when you max your levels out anyways.

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Huh. I thought he could… well I guess its been too long, i need to find my cartridge and snes again. haha

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He can’t. Which only helps to emphasize his personality as badass-I dun need none of yall fuckers! XD

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hahahahaha… but he has sick magic though

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@Sarcasm I’m an EASK, thanks for the quiz.

For me it’s any game where the only point is to run around killing things. I get so bored of ‘Oh let’s go around this corner and -woah! – shoot it! shoot it! shoot it!’.

I so agree about Scribblenauts too. The game play completely ruined it.

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Resident Evil (all)
Halo 2 and 3
Dragon Age:Origins (except for the awesome gay sex)

Actually, now that I think of it, most video games are overrated.

AKES, by the way. Didn’t really like the quiz though.

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Resident Evil 1,2, & 3. I found the controls too complicated. Camera angles were a mess too. I know, I know, it’s meant to be that way for the suspense but I never finished a Resident Evil Game other than the 4th one. I havent played the 5th yet but if its as good as the 4th then it should be a very good game indeed.

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Guitar Hero (I like to play it in a while, but it’s totally “not the best”)
GTA-Vice City (San Andreas was better imo)
Most if not all games in the COD series

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GTAIV was massively overrated, the story was rubbish, gameplay wasn’t as good as San andreas, the only improvement on San andreas wa the graphics but they took so much out of the game it was more of a downgrade than a better game than any other GTA game but for some reason every review I read had it as 10/10

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The GTA games. I just could never get into them.

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All the Pokemon games are overrated, IMO. In fact, just about any game based on a movie, or toon, or TV series sucks big time, but has a huge Hollywood advertising budget behind it.

The only exception I know of is Simpsons Road Rage. It’s a blatant rip-off of Crazy Taxi, but Simpsons really is much more fun than Taxi, IMO. I have both, and I find the Simpsons to be a better designed game than Taxi. I bought Simpsons first, and it’s one of my favorite games. Then I bought Taxi, thinking the original has to be even better than the ripoff, but I found the game-play mechanics too awkward and clumsy, and I gave up on it.

And then there was a second Simpsons game that came out, Simpsons Hit and Run, which totally sucks because it forces you down a “track” and doesn’t let you drive around freely the way Road Rage does.

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@TehRoflMobile _ I love the GTA games. At least GTA 4 and GTA San Andreas. I bought GTA4 and Vice City together in a bundle, but the way you control the character (camera) in VC is funky and makes it hard to control the character. In GTA4 and SA, the controls are consistent and easier on the fingers, and that makes all the difference!

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@odali – Yeah! I HATE games that don’t let you save whenver you want. And a game that doesn’t let you save just before and just after a boss fight is the quickest way to make me chuck a game!

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@HungryGuy I can see the appeal of GTA games, many of my friends love them. I just always gave up on the campaign, and became bored with free playing. (It is only so much fun to run over pedestrians ;p)

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@TehRoflMobile – Ah… Now, I love free playing games. That’s why I love RPGs so much (not that GTA is a RPG, but it’s pretty close to being one), you don’t HAVE to follow the quest if you don’t want to, you can just go exploring (I love to stand around and wait for a passer-by to critizice my shoes so I can flip him off and start a riot in the street). There have been times that I’ve almost given up on the GTA campaigns. I had an awful time getting past that one minigame in SA where you had to chase a rival gang in a car and blow it up before it got to your own hood and blew away your homies—and you can’t progress in the game until you defeat it. And in GTA 4, I had an awful time beating that minigame where you had to race from checkpoint to checkpoint; and of course your opponents play dirty… But that’s the point of the game, you’re a criminal competing with other criminals for a piece of the action…

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Bioshock? Overrated? You are dead to me!

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Modern Warfare 2 was essentially an expansion on the first.. When I think about it, Halo 2 & 3 were living in the shadow of 1. I hate final fantasy, but that’s a different story.
I think Bioshock stood out pretty highly when it came to it’s shooter peers….

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