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What do you think of version 2 of my favorite anime list?

Asked by luigirovatti (2836points) 1 month ago

I need to remind you that I’m not listing all the titles here, just the ones you might be more familiar with. If you want the complete list, here it is:

Now, here are the most famous titles:

- Sailor Moon
– Boogiepop
– Claymore
– Legend of the Galactic Heroes
– Gosick
– The Irregular of Magic High School
– Pripara
– Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex
– Love Live!
– Magical Girl Raising Prpject
– Case Closed
– Blade of the Immortal
– Rokka no Yuusha
– Symphogear
– Slam Dunk
– The Prince of Tennis
– World Trigger
– 11 eyes
– Pandora Hearts
– Vinland

I hope you like them.

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Not sure if you have all of Miyazaki’s films in the complete list. Plus Wings of Honnemise, Ninja Scroll, Ghost in the Shell first movie and the greatest anime series for me, Cowboy Bebop. You are imo missing out if they’re not on your line-up.

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The correct title is “Detective Conan”, not “case closed”.

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@ragingloli: I just put the official title. You have no idea huw much anime/manga fans relate more to the dub titles instead of the japanese translation.

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cool list! Have you tried Death Note?

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My favorite is Ninja Scrolls, but you have seen many I haven’t.

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^^Jaw-dropping first time I saw it!

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@luigirovatti in other countries such as mine, it’s Detective Conan. Nobody there knows what Case Closed is. Just to show you how widespread the original title is.

And I’m sad there is no Mononoke on the list ~

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How is Ghost in the Shell? I have the manga but have not read yet.

I have not seen the ones one your list but some sound interesting and I have heard good things about a lot of them.

Here is my MAL if anyone is interested

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@SergeantQueen Here is my review of Ghost in the Shell from Letterboxd (4/5 stars)

First of all, make sure you see THIS original, and not the abysmal live action version starring ScarJo. Second, as soon as you pop the DVD in, turn OFF the English dubbing and turn ON the Japanese with English subtitles.

There. You are now prepared to see one of the great Japanese anime movies. Ghost in the Shell is a cyberpunk masterpiece that is in the same family as Blade Runner, Westworld, and even The Matrix. Major Tanaka is a cyborg police operative/assassin employed by Section 9, a secret Japanese intelligence gathering operative organization in charge of keeping public security and order. She starts tracking some cyberentity called the “Puppetmaster” who is thought to be a cyberterrorist.

What makes an individual an individual? What is the meaning of life? What constitutes a soul? Is there a difference between being human and not human if you are sentient and see yourself as human?

This isn’t a mere cartoon. It’s an intelligent, adult, moody film that really does remind you of Blade Runner. R rated for nudity and violence.

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@Caravanfan Well you sold me on it.

Is the english dub bad? I struggle with subs because I always am playing a game or doing something as I watch. But if it is as good as you say I may go out of my comfort zone and give it a shot in sub

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@SergeantQueen I’m not a fan of English dubbed unless the actors are really good (like in Miyazaki films). But I’m okay with it more in animation rather than live action as animation is dubbed by definition anyway. I always prefer the original language, though.

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My hatred for dubs was carved in stone with the German Naruto dub, where they pronounced Sasuke’s name as “sasookeh”. The dubbing company was too lazy to watch a single orignal episode to learn how the fucking names are pronounced. Not only that, characters were no longer killed, they “disappeared” or were “captured”.
The english dub of Detective Conan is even worse, because they actually changed the characters’ names to english ones.
These people need to be drawn and quartered.

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@ragingloli My hatred for dubs doesn’t go so far as to condone torture and murder, but I do hate them. As I said I will tolerate them sometimes in Miyazaki films as they usually get A list actors and a really good English language script writer. For example Neil Gaiman wrote the screenplay for Princess Mononoke.

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Also, the Major’s name in GitS is Motoko Kusanagi.

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^^First time I saw Ghost in the Shell on the big screen, that extended scene with that haunting music playing over those street scenes just floored me. To this day I love listening to that piece of music with that powerful choir that was composed by Kenji Kawai.

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That reminds me of the Agent Aika series. The lipsync was just as atrocious.

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