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What is your view on tomorrow? Do you fear it, ignore it or smile at it?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) February 5th, 2010

How do you feel about the future? Does the thought of yet unrealized time scare you, or delight you? Do you live in today or keep your eyes on the far horizon? Perhaps you live in past rather than the now or beyond? Do you accept the flow or fight against it?

Bottom line: How do you feel about the future in general? Is it scary, bright or whatever?

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I’ve lived in the past for too long. It is too depressing. I am finally happy living in the moment and I look forward to each new day that I am allowed to live.

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I wish it would get here faster. I have plans for it and I’m tired of being patient.

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Depends on how I feel when I fall asleep, what my dreams are like, how I feel when I wake up. That’s for day to day.
The future itself? The big picture scares me, even if it’s not bad. I’m one of those people who is scared of success and failure. I suck. Unrealized time makes me happy sometimes and depresses me others but it doesn’t scare me. I really mostly live in my days because I can’t handle the far horizon as I don’t know what it holds and know myself and feel like it holds nothing good. BUT there are days where I’m like “Shit! The future can be awesome, if I just stick to this plan, and work hard, and don’t let my past ruin my future.” I have a lot of resentment, and attachment to the past…my parents are exactly the same. My mom always screamed at my fathers in their fights that he lived in the past. They both had broken dreams, never did what they wanted with their lives and I fear I will turn out the same, as my brother already has too.

How do I feel about the future in general?
It is what it is.

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I usually greet each tomorrow happily.

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One fucking day at a time for me, right now. If I think about the future, I’ll end up doing myself a lot of harm. Every time I think about what I want, I think about how impossible it is, and how much I’ve already screwed up or missed outright. I can’t afford to think about that. I’ll just kill myself. So I’m here for today. If I can make it through today, there will be another day to get through.

I hope to find what I can in each day. Enjoyment, things to learn, people to relate to, and the shit, too—being hurt, losing a love, feeling horrible about myself. But it’s all only for today. Tomorrow? Plenty of time to think about it when gets here (which it never does).

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The future, like the rest of life, must be faced with courage and persevereance, else why are we here? Life is an incredible gift, and each day should be an occasion for joy at just having had the opportunity to live. As most of you know already, my doctors have given me five years to live, two of which are already gone. If they are correct, then my future is rather truncated. But… each day is a gift, and I celebrate it. Why not? If I’m to die sooner than I expected, I’ve also lived longer than I might have. The very least I can do is live my time to the max and help my brothers and sisters as much as I can while I’m still here. May as well make the most of it, yes? : )

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How do you feel about the future? I’m excited to have one, I definitely don’t take it for granted.

Does the thought of yet unrealized time scare you or delight you? It taunts me.

Do you live in today or keep your eyes on the far horizon? I try to make each day count so I can go to sleep and say it was worth being alive for but I do have a “big picture” that I work towards and make revisions to along the way.

Perhaps you live in past rather than the now or beyond? Nope, the present is a lot better than that.

Do you accept the flow or fight against it? That’s situational. When the flow is positive or advantageous for me then I go with it even if it’s a little scary. The flow I fight is of old behavior patterns in myself developed from a run of some pretty dismal years.

How do you feel about the future in general? Is it scary, bright or whatever? My future feels bright, I feel like I’m in 3rd gear, getting ready to switch up.

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I love Tomorrow! It’s only a day away!

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I usually look forward to tomorrows- always hoping something fun might happen.

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Bottom line is my future is as bright as I could possibly want it to be…like the song says….“the future is so bright I gotta wear shades!”

It is that way for me because I live in the moment embracing all there is which gives me the hope and strength I need to keep on keeping so the future I dream about becomes a reality! ;)

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Bring it.

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I have all my menus written up for the rest of the week, and the shopping done. I have my Grandson over for the weekend and I’m looking forward to his parents picking him up on Sunday after our family dinner.

I look forward to every day, as many as I am allotted. I am hoping to see my 100 birthday, at least. I just celebrated my 67, so only 33 more to go for that milestone, and beyond.

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Though if I was on death row, I’d probably have a different view….....

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How I feel about tomorrow all depends oon how I am feeling today.

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The more you stare at the word tomorrow the more strange it becomes.A very cheeky impudent word whose very composition suggests mischief. In reality tomorrow never comes. It’s always a day away, as some annoying ginger kid once said.

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This is a very vague question. I will feel whatever I feel about tomorrow when it comes around. I can’t really predict what it will be like unless I know something is happening that day which will scare me, make me nervous, happy etc. I take one day at a time. I think about the future always but tend to live in the past.

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Tomorrow never comes! :-/

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Like @wundayatta , my condition forces me to live in the present. The immediate past is a depression trigger. Plans for the future have a way of twisting around on you. Probably the best is to have an overall medium-term plan and flexiblity (something that aspies like me dread) in getting to that goal. We all have the same ultimate destination, six feet under the earth. I have no fear of that. The only future a truly fear is being physically or mentally incapacitated, or being unable to contribute something, no matter how small, to make the world a better place for my having been here.

I’ve hit a pothole in the road, overreacted to it in my usual fashion, and am now stepping back and trying to get a vision of the larger picture. This will require work in an area that I never contemplated having a problem with, domestic relations.. This will be worked out somehow and I will continue towards my medium-term goal.

Long term goals are not feasible for me at the present time. My event-horizon “comfort zone” is 3–4 years. Things will evolve during that time to allow other medium-term objectives. Looking too far into the future or at too big a “picture” only triggers hopeless feelings. We can only do what we can with the personal and material resources we have.

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I am too busy being thrilled with today.

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Tomorrow is Sunday, so no I’m not looking forward to a Sunday

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Smile at it. But I also appreciate the past and the present. Not only the future.

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I welcome it, But it scares the hell out of me.

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Oh – I thought you were talking about Super Bowl Sunday!

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Lol if I was asked that question on a Sunday evening I would say I’m fearing tomorrow because it’s Monday…the start of another horrendously hectic week at work. I live from day-to-day and look forward to my weekends.

Also life has been pretty unsettled recently…having separated from my husband etc…I do fear the future and what it holds for me…I just want to be happy and feel settled.

But I’m also a believer in not sitting back and waiting for things to happen…I aim for what I want so I’m sure I will get that ‘settled’ feeling before the end is nigh :-)

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@Spinel You’d get a different answer from me every time you asked, I expect. I shed a pretty big load recently and my future feels, consequently, like more positive things are attainable. Not so much in the form of material things, as like I’ve cleared the way for a better relationship with myself, and with a person who is more in tune with me and the type of life I want to live.

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Here is one of my favorite sayings and I guess it could also pass for my view of tomorrow:

Yesterday is already a dream
And tomorrow is only a vision,
But every today well lived
Makes every yesterday a dream of happiness
And every tomorrow a vision of hope.

Author Unknown


How do you feel about the future? I’m optimistic by nature and always hoping for the best

Does the thought of yet unrealized time scare you, or delight you? It intrigues me because it is unknown as of yet.

Do you live in today or keep your eyes on the far horizon? Both and at varying times.

Perhaps you live in past rather than the now or beyond? I definitely don’t live in the past.

Do you accept the flow or fight against it? I keep my options open.

Bottom line: How do you feel about the future in general? Is it scary, bright or whatever? I’m going with effervescently bright.

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Fear it? Not in my town anyway. I laugh at the sunrise and howl at the moon, fearlessly.

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@Bluefreedom One site attributes the saying to Kahil Gibran

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@YARNLADY Lurve always bestowed on the mention of Kahlil Gibran, even when misspelled.

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Depends on what day is tomorrow.

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