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Is it possible for cellphones to have viruses?

Asked by john65pennington (29235points) February 6th, 2010

Wife and i both have cellphones with the same carrier. for two months, we both have received CNN free on our phones. last night, all of this changed to My Space. we did not order either and our carrier states they have no knowledge of how either CNN or My Space arrived on our cellphones. they are investigating. is it possible for cellphones to have viruses, like our pc’s?

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If you’re pulling the internet on them, I’d THINK it was possible. I’ve never thought about it. Be sure to share what your carrier says. This is an interesting situation. I hope you get it straightened out.

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Oh yes. Anything that is not completely hardwired and uses software can be infected by viri.

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I failed to mention that we both have attempted to delete MySpace, but it keeps coming back on our cellphones. i hate to change my phone number, but it may come to this.

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I’d hate to have MS on there. In the first place, it’s a bummer site. I’d want to be rid of it, too!

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It is possible for anything with software to have viruses. They are much more prevalent with windows mobile devices. Hackers seem to love anything with a Microsoft stamp on it =\ Phones that are most vulnerable are ones with Macromedia (Flash) support and other script enabled software because of the vulnerabilities it creates on the device. It’s one of the reason apple will not put flash support on the modified OSX for iPhone devices.

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I hope they leave my LG enV3 alone!!!

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