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Linking to an article index item in joomla 1.5...

Asked by manuel_alarcon (299points) February 6th, 2010

Im building this site and i have too many text in an article. so i separated it with pagebreaks. since pagebreaks are links that are displayed in the article index (inside the article itself) it would be logical to be able to link them from anywhere the site, right?
I was looking info and realized that the anterior version of joomla,1, had this functionality (pagebreak layout) but i cant seem to find it in 1.5. maybe a module does this,... but it doesnt look too simple in the review of the mod

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Can you copy one of the pagebreak links and then dump it into a browser address bar, does that work?

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yes, that works, but i cant seem to find a way to add this url to a menu item; I have this very long article, the best way to display it was to break it in 3 segments, but now i want to link each segment to items in a submenu, but the item type menu in joomla doesnt seem very clear to me; maybe there is a workaround… thank you

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How about creating an “External Link” menu item and then putting the link in there?

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:( i feel so stupid; it was just right in front of me all this time. thank you!

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No problem! Happenes to all of us, I would have missed it but i needed to use the external links menu items to stub out some development tabs.

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the cool thing is, looking at the url the menu items use, its not necessary to put the whole link. You have “” and you can leave the domain out, like ”/article/id=12” and joomla is cool with it.

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