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I need to know what to do about one ear being popped and one not.

Asked by Snowblush (1points) February 6th, 2010

I have had a bad upper respitory infection, and yesterday i blew my nose and my left ear popped and my right one hasnt. The left ear today has popped off and on but its not getting better. Its like i have echoed hearing. Its starting to worry me and now a very mild pain has started.

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If I were you I would go to the doctor and have this checked out immidately. This type of problem can cause an imbalance to the equalibrium which can lead to neurological problems.

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I’m guessing you have an ear infection. I had an upper respiratory infection last year that ended up in bronchitis and an ear infection that left me mostly deaf in one ear for about a month. Just like you said, the ear wouldn’t pop. There was a lot of fluid in my ear, due to the infection, that affected my hearing. See a doctor.

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You may have some fluid behind your eardrum. You should go be seen.

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I would definitely go to the doctor.

But try this for now, hold/plug your nose with your fingers and slowly increase the pressure. Should equalize the pressure. Don’t go crazy with that though. I usually do this when freediving to equalize to different depths.

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You can do damage by blowing against it. You have an imbalance of pressure between the atmosphere and your Eustachian tube. Sometimes this can be relieved by swallowing motions, or chewing motions. Pain complicates the issue and indicates a call to your GP.

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