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LCD TV picture quality is not as good as it is in the store. Why?

Asked by vodkawilldo (23points) February 6th, 2010

Just bought a Samsung LCD TV and played with picture settings, but I cannot get the picture quality as good as I remember it was in the store.

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Most pictures you are watching in a store are on a disc and not cable. my new Samsung HD flatscreen is perfect. even better than in the store.

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To echo the above, what exactly are you viewing, and how is it connected to your TV?

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My Comcast cable box does not have HDMI out, so I guess I can get it upgraded. I connected the DVD player via HDMI, but I don’t see that much difference.

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Ah, there’s the thing. we have hd dish network and the non-hd channels look like crap because the tv widens the pixels and stuff looks choppy. Is that what you get?

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No that was a window you were looking out. Next time don’t forget your glasses.

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Torch mode-they turn the panels up on the LED brightness settings. Check your color settings / presets and you can also go to forums like to look up what other owners out there with your model have set for optimization. Some Flat panels also need to be set to “auto” resolution so they adjust to the various output resolutions for each SD and HD channel. And HDMI if possible will help a lot.

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