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If America was invaded or infiltrated by an overwhelmingly superior foreign power, militarily speaking, would Americans resort to terrorism in a bid to liberate their homeland?

Asked by mammal (9431points) February 7th, 2010

Or, are such acts totally unacceptable, under any circumstances?

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The Americans practiced Guerilla warfare to get rid to the I would say yes..

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You better believe me and my buddies alone will raise all sorts of holy hell on anyone foolish enough to set up camp within 200 miles of my home…under any circumstance!

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America? Fuck yeah!! Alas as always they’d be doomed to defeat.

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@Cruiser can you be more specific

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@talljasperman is Guerrilla warfare, an act of terrorism per se?

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@mammal acording to George Bush Jr. it is… when Your talking about other countries…like Iraq and Afganistan

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@mammal Well a few of my friends are army vets and one is a demolitions expert and trust me when I say they as in invaders would not get a good nights sleep as long as they choose to stay. Our 4th of July’s are legendary complete with dynamite and phosphorous and magnesium dead heads. To say they are armed to the teeth is an understatement and I know other groups in other states that would have similar abilities. Safe to say the entire upper midwest alone would not be a smart place to set up camp. Oh hell….it’s not just me….you want to scare yourself silly, keep asking and you will find insanely well armed groups whose very existence is to raise hell if and when the need arises and it doesn’t have to be an invasion either. The amount of private firepower is staggering and most foreign countries know this. It would not be fun to try and set up camp anywhere in the US for that matter.

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One man’s terrorist is another man’s freedom fighter.

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@Cruiser :: So are you are saying the guys that set roadside bombs in Iraq are doing the right thing and you would do same?

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@Cruiser That’s all very patriotic & butch of you, but the question referred to an overwhelmingly superior military power.You & your buddies may attempt a valiant defence which is bound to be swatted aside with consumate ease. The big boys are in town do you feel lucky!

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@Cruiser i see, would you hit civilian targets for political leverage or strategic purposes.

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@johnpowell no sir I did not say anything about Iraq or roadside bombs….where are you reading?

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@ucme I can read and my answers are pretty clear….we would make their lives pretty miserable.

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@mammal I would imagine I would do everything I could to prevent civilian harm…anybody determined and stupid enough to try and take away my freedoms – foreign or domestic will have hell on their hands…enough said!

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@Cruiser So your happy band of weekend warriors with their fire crackers & pyrotechnics would give these invaders cause for concern. Anything more than a monumental piss take by those guys would be seen as deluded optimism.

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@ucme and then some! Apparently you need to read up some on terrorism and disruptive activities and you may have a better appreciation for what determination and love for ones homeland can do to make life miserable for invading forces. Try reading up on the Vietnam war and Russia’s and the US efforts to control Afghanistan and you will see what simple yet precise activities can do to undermine even the most powerful of invading forces.

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I think, for me, it would depend on the goals and methods of the invading power.

If they’re making a point of being violent toward citizens, I’d find myself a little mouse-hole and stay put until things blow over. If it’s a political coup, well, are they doing a faster or slower job of taking my Constitutional rights away one by one than my current government?

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@Cruiser Yeah because those conflicts passed me by. Both the Vietnamese & the Afghans were fundamentally underestimated by the respective opposition. A major contributory factor in deciding the outcome of those wars.Trouble with your point is any invading power would not make the same mistake.Still I guess it’s all about opinions interesting & diverse as they are.

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@ucme “Trouble with your point is any invading power would not make the same mistake.”

You may want to turn on the news my friend….

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@Cruiser Why?My point was perfectly clear, as the question says anyone invading America. They would not underestimate that nation given their history.Last I checked no one was in the process of invading America so what’s in the news of interest pertaining to my point?Anyway debating a purely hypothetical scenario is fun but ultimately tedious. I made my case & I stand by it.

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The Iraqi’s thought Americans were fat and lazy, and if they lost their technology would become cowards on the battlefront. The Iraqi’s have learned how wrong they were.

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Such activity would be up to others, as I would most likely have been eliminated in the first wave. Hopefully after taking a disproportionate number of them with me. It’s something that any potential invader would have to consider, having to lose 10–20+ of their number to eliminate one determined person with a rifle. Multiply that by several hundred thousand and that’s what they face.

An unfree live is not worth living, in my opinion. I know that it would be an act of futility, but the act of resistance would be the ultimate statement of my life philosophy. Maximum body count before they get me and have a few nasty traps for them to encounter even after they eliminate me.

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If I was an invader I would first drop some nukes on major population centres to “shock and awe” them into submission and to avoid a ground invasion plus some extensive firebombing of coastal cities like LA or SF. After all, we need to preserve the lives of our soldiers.

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@ragingloli You are describing what should have been done in Afghanistan. Destroy the Taliban and al Qaeda militarily, then leave. No attempt to occupy. It’s what should have been done to Iraq in 1991. The 2003 invasion was utterly unjustifed other than as finishing a job that should have been done properly in ‘91.

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@ucme Sorry there! My bad I misapplied our current efforts in Afghanistan to your answer and see you inferred differently.

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There will be a remake of Red Dawn out this year, so I guess we’ll all get a dose of imagined freedom fighting. Yeah!

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Of course do what I have to do defend my country, at that point its war wouldn’t you say…..

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Of course we would. And, as our various forays into invading and occupying other nations in the last fifty years shows, so would everyone else.

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Two words. Red Dawn.

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I wonder if you asked, “Do you think it’s appropriate that Afghans and Iraqis who don’t want the US in their country to attack civilians and non-military targets to terrorize rather than win the war?” if you would get the same, “Hell yeah!”

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I happen to know that the strategic defense plan calls for, in the case that the US should be invaded by an overwhelming physical force, the release of 752 million heart shaped balloons.


That’s it.

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@mammal Idealistically, I don’t think fighting would be the best (and clearly not the most civilized) route. Realistically, I would most likely end up joining or forming some kind of militia with the intention of violently disrupting the settlement of foreign military powers.

However, I would not consider bombing civilians who may or may not sympathize with my cause. I feel that that is where the connotative line should be drawn between freedom fighting and terrorism.

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