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Have my boobs stopped growing?

Asked by Tortilla (10points) February 7th, 2010

I’m 14 and have size 32A boobs, but they have been that size since I was about 10. Have they stopped growing ?! And is there any way (other than surgery) I can make them grow? All my friends have got D’s and E’s (and some F’s!), and I reeally don’t want to be stuck with tiny boobs for the rest of my life ! :(

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Boobs are just fat. I had the same size boobs all through middle school and high school and when I came to college, I gained 20 pounds. It all went into my chest. Now I’m carting around a couple of C’s and all it took was gaining some weight. You’re only 14, your boobs will grow. If they don’t, then that’s okay too. Small breasts can be absolutely beautiful and are preferred by quite a large number of men. However, I’d be willing to be that your ladies will get at least a cup size bigger in college. maybe more.

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I have the opposite problem. Mine are continuing to grow. Perhaps you could adopt my eating habits then yours could get larger as well.

BTW- Welcome to Fluther.

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If you are only 14 years old, the chances are that they will grow some more – even up until your early 20’s. Don’t despair. Plus small breasts can be very sexy and are sometimes more sensitive.

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According to my wife she didn’t really begin developing much until about fourteen. I say just be patient. And if they don’t it’s no big deal, unless you have three or something.

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There’s plenty of time to grow, Tortilla! Don’t you worry. Every body is different.
Nothing wrong with small breasts, though!

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You’re only 14. I’m 17 with 36A boobs. I have a physical illness that made them stop growing. They’ll get bigger, trust me. If they don’t..who cares? I have small boobs, but my boobs don’t make me. I still date and find nice guys to accept me the way I am.

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ohh okayy thanks guys :)

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btw thanks astro for the welcome :D

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Breasts never actually stop growing. They are changing all the way through our lives. If you are referring to the “growth spurt” during puberty where they seem to appear from nowhere, that usually finishes up somewhere around the ages of 16 to 19 years old. . You may be able to make an educated guess about when you will reach the adult stage, if you can identify when your breasts have reached the fourth stage. You should be able to do that if you read “The Five Stages Of Breast Development”.
My boobs have been small and large at different parts in my life and they looked fine either way

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It’s much less of a big deal than you think it is. At your age, they are undoubtedly going to grow, and guess what? If they don’t, I swear – No Big Deal! I know that’s not much help right now because you feel that it must be important, but trust me if you can: for a lot of guys (and I mean a lot) pretty shape is so much more important than size, and the bigger they are, the less likely they are to stay pretty. Plus, ask anyone who has ‘em – big boobs are a pain. They are uncomfortable, they get in the way, they attract the wrong kind of attention, and the most frequent elective surgical operation on the breasts in this country is a reduction. (No fooling.)

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I never had a problem getting a date…neither did my little boobs ;))don’t worry about it

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Don’t worry about it. When I was your age, I wanted mine to be small, but I ended up with the big boob curse.
I would be willing to trade with you. :)
Mine do get in the way. It sucks. But you’re not done growing. You are you, and that is what makes you so unique. :)

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On the bright side small boobs stay perky for a lot longer. is perky the right word?

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Reconsider. Those D E Fs are going to drag in the dirt in a few years.

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yep, you would be playing soccer with them soon.

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@dpworkin heheh love the visual

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hehe, there’s a saying

“you know you’re getting old, if when you take your bra off, your wrinkles go away”

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Please, please don’t worry about this! I promise you, your boobs have not stopped growing. When I was 14, my breasts were the same size as yours are now. I am now 21, and I’m a 34B…still “smallish,” but as a slender person, they fit my body and I couldn’t be happier with them. And most of the growing has happened while I’ve been in college, not high school…I was a string bean all through middle- and high school, then I went to college, started taking birth control, and all of a sudden I had boobs, butt, and hips! So don’t expect your body to be the same as it is in high school…it will always be changing. Even if you are a 32A for life, find a way to grow to love your body just how it is…smaller breasts have the advantage of being much more sensitive (and therefore more pleasurable during sex), and they won’t be down to your knees when you’re 45, and a lot of men seem to prefer small or medium-sized breasts. Your natural body is beautiful and it’s made just for you…so love it!

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My wife is a sweet little A. These things make a lot less of an issue when you are in love.

Also, most of the huge ones out there are in people with weight problems. As stated above, they are just fat.

Unfortunately we all gain on average 3 pounds a year, so unfortunately, your boobs, and other parts are going to keep growing if you are like the average american.

Don’t spend a ton of money on a surgeon.

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Here is first-hand testimony from many fluther lady-jellies about what a drag bras get to be as you grow older.

Enjoy the freedom you have of not always having to wear a bra, and being able to exercise more comfortably than your more endowed friends.

As far as increasing your size… as you grow older your hormones flutuate and that will also play a role on size, as will genetics, your diet, and certain medications like birth control. Typically, most post-natal women agree that they kept some but not all of their breasts’ growth during pregnancy. Also, as @AstroChuck noted, significant weight gain.

No matter what your size, maximize their beauty by keeping them healthy:

-Always make sure to wear a sports bra with good support when you exercise
-Do regular breast exams

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yeah 14 is still young dont orry about it. anyway i find anything past the D range a little to big..

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Probably not, but even if they have, don’t cave into the pressure of desiring bigger ones like 99% of girls your age. Be proud of your small boobs. It shows true strength of character.

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yeah. less boobs equals more character. ;)

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@HTDC knows more than you do. He has a Masters Degree. In Science!

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Better a 32A to a 32Long. Don’t grow up too fast.

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@dpworkin – lordy, I think I’m in over my head. I blame it on my huge mammaries.

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Oh, you must be nearly characterless.

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On the other hand this is the worst thing that will happen to you ever!!!

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Just to clarify, because some people don’t seem to understand @dpworkin I’m looking your way. Being proud and confident of your small breasts shows true strength of character. The size of someone’s breasts does NOT determine strength of character. IMO of course.

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And do you know what? Those boys going around hooting an howling about how great big boobs are would fall over their tongues if they actually got a hint of your nipple. I’ve always had small breasts, 34A, I’m 55 and the nipples still point forward. And men are Still trying to get my top off!!

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Oh I am so grateful for the explanation, @HTDC. You don’t teach a regular course by any chance, do you?

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my wife didn’t have boobs until the summer she turned 15, then they were 36c by the time she went back to school.

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You know, us well-endowed ladies have pride too. I couldn’t have asked for better boobs if I consulted with a genetic engineer.

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and this |————| is six inches. ;-) lol

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eh, my wife wants me to keep my shirt on. ; )

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