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The saying that "Teams with a dome over their stadium have never won a SuperBowl" is a myth, or a cold, hard fact?

Asked by EgaoNoGenki (1149points) February 7th, 2010

If it’s a fact, what is it about domes that keep them from winning?

I think I’ll even offer to pay $100 to a buddy I’m watching the SuperBowl with right now if the New Orleans Saints win, simply because they have a dome at their stadium.

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Both teams have domes.

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@dpworkin I just checked the WP article for the stadium in Indianapolis and it looks like that fact/myth is going to be debunked tonight! Tie-breaking overtimes can’t last forever, you know.

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yes it is a fact the detroit lions play in A dome

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(What’s the difference between a cold, hard fact and a fact?)

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I hope you can recognize a warm hard fact.

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@dpworkin: Thanks for the pretty unique answer. (My ninth grade English teacher used to harp on the redundancy of true facts)

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uniquer than most

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The Colts have a dome and won the Super Bowl before

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