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Is thumb size a reliable measure of intelligence?

Asked by ihateyoujk (34points) February 7th, 2010

Is thumb size a reliable measure of intelligence?

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Of course! How could you doubt it?

You are talking about thumb drives, right?

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No – I have tiny thumbs and I am brilliant; unless you are positing an inverse relationship.

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Only if your brain is in your thumb.

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I thought it was the feet… Wait a minute…

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@Jeruba lol, because that’s not a problem.

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Measures of intelligence are barely accurate in the first place.
The old model for int- was, behavior. The wiser new model is based on ability to predict, no behavior is required (provided you can see how the brain is working.)
So no, definitely and absolutely (thank you, I rarely get to use this word)—no.

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Who ever told you that?

Stop listening to them.

The answer is: absolutely not. It’s ridiculous.

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lol seriously?

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Yes….just like shoe size is a reliable measure of penis size.

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I learn so much here.

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@wundayatta Oh yeah totally…

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Hitchikers,thick as pig shit.Case closed.

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This is getting positively surreal!

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@ucme Hey, I met my husband when i was hitchiking! How intelligent was that!

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@janbb There are of course,as with all things,exceptions to the rule.Whether that is the fact in your case is not for me to speculate.

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how is this question still going?

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@Simone_De_Beauvoir – Because we’re all giving each other thumbs up GA’s!

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@Hydrogenbond well, that’s true. I’m guilty.

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