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What is the (MN) state and federal laws regarding the use of an alias on legal and puplic documents?

Asked by sunyata_rakshasa (350points) February 7th, 2010

i plan on changing my name in due time…though it is not top on my priority list..

i heard once that one could start using there alias on legal documents and over time the government would officially change your name to the one you used on officially documentation over the years…

is this real…if not

can i still use my future name until i legally change it…and to what extend can i without legal ramifications

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Whatever you heard once is highly unlikely to be still applicable since the changes implemented in the US following 9/11.

If your drivers license lapses by even a fee weeks it’s like starting all over again. And be careful about crossing borders lest the US decides your “proof” is insufficient to re-enter.

The whole thing is a nightmare and you’d better check all this out with the proper authorities and not rely on word of mouth.

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sounds good…i hadn’t planed on leaving the country…untill i had this all legally changed…cant afford to leave any….

and i definitely wasn’t relying on word of mouth…but i also dont know what authorities to talk to…the DMV, the Police, the FBI, i mean who?

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