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How do I change my name on facebook?

Asked by BCody (8points) February 18th, 2011

I want to know how to change my name on facebook

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Why don’t you contact facebook and ask them?

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Account > Account Settings > Name.


Edit: Your vanity URL ( cannot be changed.

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Another google searchable question by a yahoo user. uhg

Exactly what @sinscriven said.

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Agree with @sinscriven. I’ll add that there’s a note which implies that changing your name is a moderated process, has to be approved by their staff and may require supporting documentation. However when I changed mine it was instant and they didn’t ask to see anything.

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Go to settings & there will be a couple of options to choose from, click where it says
first name:
last name:
& then change it click save after your done!
your welcome!!!(:

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