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Why does my HDTV lose the edges of the frame when something is broadcasting in 1080i, but not at 480i?

Asked by RocketSquid (3475points) February 7th, 2010

When I’ve got something plugged into my TV’s component slots that broadcasts in 1080i (the only hd resolution it supports), I lose a good amount of the frame along the edges. However, if I switch that same device (like my xbox) to standard 480 widescreen, it fits perfectly.

Could there be a setting on my TV that I need to change, or is a hardware problem?

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When you say it “loses” the edges do you mean that you see only a portion of what the original image should be; conversely do you mean the image is displayed with a black frame around it?

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…Because if you mean your seeing only a portion of the observable image, it could be that a setting, most likely under ‘Video,’ is set to zoom the viewable area to greater than 100%—which could explain why SD fits and HD doesn’t.

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My xbox does that too…

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