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Can you monitor your Fluther from Facebook?

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) February 8th, 2010

I have thus far avoided Facebook because I don’t enjoy feeling like a pedophile, but I am considering it for one reason only – to monitor Fluther from my blackberry.

I noticed that Fluther can “ask your Facebook friends”, so that set the old rusty gears in motion over this.

There’s no blackberry app for Fluther, and the page just is too difficult to navigate on the blackberry browser, so I’m looking into other options.

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Have you tried ? It is a little easier to use on the Blackberry. I don’t know that you can monitor fluther from Facebook. I have my questions set up to post to my Facebook, but activity you are following doesn’t show on your Facebook, that I know of.

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”“I have thus far avoided Facebook because I don’t enjoy feeling like a pedophile””...WHAT???

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@jbfletcherfan cuz everyone there is like 14

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@knitfroggy OMGWTFBBQ this is just what i was looking for. you miss a lot when you’re gone

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@drhat77 no, no, no. That sounds like MySpace. You’re in the wrong crowd, then. what about YOUR friends & family? SO many of my friends on there are my age or even older. Your friends on there are who & what you make of it.

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@drhat77 Yeah you’re talking about MySpace. For example, my 86 year old great-aunt is on Facebook. And my mom (who’s 51).

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Tons of us are on facebook, drhat!

You might be interested in monitoring activity via automatic IM from Fluther. Click on “my account”, then on “IM settings”, enter your gmail/gtalk/jabber screen name, and you’ll have the option of receiving IMs for things like new activity, comments, questions for you, etc. Just choose what you’d like to be notified about, and you’re set!

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