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Where would be a great place to go not far from L.A. on a short mini-vacation, and a serious budget?

Asked by katwalk65 (230points) February 8th, 2010

I need a break after a very difficult winter, so far, but don’t want to stress about spending too much.

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I would say anywhere North of LA.

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If you don’t mind just-a-place-to-sleep cheap motels, you can hang out by the ocean. You can do that as close as Hermosa Beach. I’ve stayed in Morro Bay for less than $100/night. I bet there are similar places near Pismo Beach, Gaviota, Here’s a really cheap one on Monterey Bay.

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I would say Disneyland, but obviously that’s not cheap. Come to Ventura or Santa Barbara. They’re both very nice yet reasonable beach towns, and we’re very nice people.

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Mexico. I liked Morro Bay. There’s also San Francisco, Big Sur (!), San Diego…I’d probably drive up the coast to Monterey and Carmel and make fun stops along the way. The drive is beautiful. Or, drive down the coast to Ensenada (which I’d like to visit one day).

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I second the Ventura suggestion, or maybe Channel Islands. Some other places that come to mind include Ojai, Solvang, and San Luis Obispo (you could tour Hearst Castle). @ChazMaz lurve for saying all north of LA!

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