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What do my fellow Jellies think of the idea of a "Fluther Forum"?

Asked by HGl3ee (3955points) February 8th, 2010

Firstly, I love Fluther and all my fellow Jellies! I appreciate having you all in my life, the intellectual stimulation is wonderful!

I am always on a search for a great general forum. Basically, a great big chat about anything forum. They are not easy to come by and generally lack any sort of intelligent conversation.

I was thinking about Fluther and the diverse community that is here. So, this got my gears spinning. What about a forum “section” on Fluther?

Now, my BIG thing is that just like any site there are trolls and spammers (Yay.) So, how about a forum that is accessible after a certain amount of lurve? Or after a certain amount of Awards/Active time on the site?

This is all just a big idea I had, and honestly I’m rambling here!

I would love to know anyone’s ideas and thoughts on this ^.^

Much lurve to you all and a BIG thanks to any and all responses!


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1. What would be the goals of this Forum/point of having it?
2. Some people don’t get a lot of lurve or are new but still sane – it’s not good to exclude and besides trolls can get a lot of lurve with stupid funny answers and get ‘in’ anyway.

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isn’t this site a Forum in itself already? why re-invent the wheel?

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@njnyjobs : it’s true, it is a forum or sorts, I guess maybe it’s the structure I’m looking for.. like categories. I have been thinking about this more and I guess that’s basically the only thing, to me, Fluther doesn’t have ^.^

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Haha (sigh) I realize how silly my question really is >.<

Hits the imaginary delete button

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@ElleBee I’ve often thought of such an idea for my own site, but never had the following that fluther does to make it happen. xD

I think it’s a great idea because it provides some structure. The format of fluther as it is is great… for.. what it currently is. But I do find myself pining for the traditional forum format with a little more of a categorized focus. Fluther tries its best to provide “questions for me” but.. quite honestly it doesn’t really work well enough for me to use it as such (yet).

That said, fluther became famous (or infamous) for its current format, so drawing people away from how it currently is will likely decrease activity in this format (not good).

I don’t think it’s a silly question (in response to your last “post”).

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No to forums. I don’t like the rigidity of standard forum structures.

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@NaturalMineralWater : Thank you for your response, you said what I was trying to! <3

@marinelife : I can respect your opinion and there is a part of me that is with you! ^.^

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How would it differ from what we already have? It seems kind of redundant, actually. Not that I’m opposed to redundancy. Or against it.

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@ElleBee Some people are born for sporadicity and confusion. Luckily those people aren’t (usually) in charge of things that require order. XD

I enjoy fluther for what it is, but admittedly visit other sites to sate my desire for structure and more quality answers to certain questions.

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