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What are some good ideas for mom's on valentine's day?

Asked by princessa (113points) February 8th, 2010

Ok so it’s almost Valentine’s day as you probably know and I want to give my mom something homemade. I mean I don’t want like make a card or give her chocolate’s. I want something that has never been done before but not spending money. I mean like decorate a bottle. I mean that idea was crap but you know like something where she will be like ’‘Woah!!” And please include how to make it.

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Make a photo collage of the family with her in the center of it all

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Dinner and a clean house

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How about telling the greedy cow to wait until MOTHERS DAY and leave Valentines Day to the right people!


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such a nice question :)

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What about writing her a letter about how much she means to you? She will treasure it.

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If my mom were still around I would want nothing but alittle time with her.She was a beautiful person.
I like Marinelife’s idea very much.It is perfect and will be treasured :))

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I treasure the letters my daughters have written me that are appreciative. Make her a mix CD of songs that you think she will like, and tell her how much you value her.
Some other ideas:

Make her a set of notecards or postcards that are your artwork. In fine print put something like “Made by Princessa because she loves her mom” on the back, or along the edge.

“Zip My Lips” coupons. Draw and cut out outrageous looking lips with zippers that are good for you immediately not arguing when presented with one.

If you live near your mom’s family, arrange a lunch with your mom, grandmother, and her sisters. Or better yet, your mom and a few of her friends. Make sandwiches cut out in fancy shapes, salad, ice tea. Use the good dishes.

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