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How do I solve constant gas, diarrhea, gurgling, and abdominal pain?

Asked by squidcake (2636points) February 8th, 2010

I’m at wit’s end. I’ve dealt with gas problems for a while, but lately my digestive problems are getting worse, specifically with diarrhea and stomach grumbling. This is no normal grumbling; it’s so loud it even disrupts the class. I’ve gone home from school multiple times just out of mortification. Along with this I get abdominal pain and have diarrhea spells. I’ve been taking probiotics (in the pill form “Bifidus Balance”) but it doesn’t seem to be working. I’ve done hours of research and only found conflicting advice. I’m thinking it might be Irritable Bowel Syndome, but I don’t know.

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I’m all about home remedies, but when things get serious and it’s not something obvious, you should definitely see a doctor. The Internet, unfortunately, does not have a degree in bariatric medicine.

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You need to consult your doctor.

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I’ve just spat my sandwich over the screen. Gee thanks.

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First, see a doctor and get a definite diagnosis. Once you know exactly what the cause of your problem is, you can go about researching different treatments in addition to whatever advice the doctor gives you.

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Most definitely get a checkup from the Dr.
i’ve had all of the symptoms you’ve listed, found it was a combination of a few things.
coffee and a fruit salad will be the diarrhea immediately.
Diet had a lot to do with mine.
Am lactose intolerant but still drink Coffee Lattes with all that milk, which will gurgle
and give me pain immediately, and cause loose movement.
Forget about eating a burrito for me…Sooo much gas and pain and all the rest.
But found i had an ulcer that would give me pain in the afternoons like clockwork.
Some medicine the Dr prescribed seems to have healed up the ulcer, there’s no more pain.
So it is really important to get a check up with this you are experiencing.
Here is something you can do immediately, to see if it is diet related.
Quit eating for a bit and see if the symptoms go away.
In my case as well i was getting migraines, and not knowing why.
i quit eating everything for a couple of days…
all the symptoms went away including the migraine.
then i started eating one thing at a time and seeing what happened,
so in understanding my diet restrictions has really helped me immensely.
eventually i reintroduced my peppermint tea that i always drank , and immediately the Migraine happened….
so if all of this is diet related you can find it’s source, but please see that Dr,OK?
Just to make sure it is not something more serious.

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I have actually seen a doctor. She has no idea what’s wrong. I got abdominal x-rays and blood tests and they all turned out fine.

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I’d say it’s time for a second opinion, or a consultation with a specialist.

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I would go to the doctor. I had horrible pain in my side and thought it was a failing of one of my organs. They took an xray and the doctor pulled me to look at it. She said, “you see all this” (waving her pen up and down)...“you are full of stools.” I responded with, “so I’m full of s$*t? And nothing is wrong with me?” I got a good laugh, but she didn’t find the humor in it. I ended up finding out I was lactose intolerant. Moral of the story go to the doctor. It may be minor, but it’s also comforting to know it may be something small. If it turns out to be a big deal, it is better finding out now so it can be fixed. Go see a second doctor, specialist, if the first one didn’t find anything. Having the runs too long is unhealthy and can lead to dehydration.
Smart water has electrolytes and Gatorade as well- keep liquids flowing through your body during this time

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Well, this probably won’t help, but when I get that I just take a bath. O_o

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@kikothecat yes hot baths always tend to do the trick as well

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Have your doctor refer you to a gastroenterologist.They specialize in digestive problems. Also, go SOON. The time that my wife waited out the pain and tried home remedies(internet, Pepto etc.) directly influnced her level of illness and her ability to recover and heal. It may be something simple or something major, finding the cause and treating the problem is a huge relief.

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Yoga. Espesially inverted poses.

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An abdominal sonogram is an imaging procedure used to examine the internal organs of the abdomen; including the liver, gallbladder, spleen, pancreas, and kidneys. The blood vessels that lead to some of these organs can also be looked with a sonogram.

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