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Should I be disturbed about my eating manners tonight?

Asked by Chikipi (1843points) February 8th, 2010 from iPhone

I’ve been stuck in my house because I broke my ankle last week. I think I have become a bitter individual from not interacting with the outside world. My friends come to visit, but I haven’t been outside like to work, dinner, or movies so I think I’m getting cabin fever. I am questioning my sanity although my whole life I feel I’ve been sane. I started eating gummi bears, but when I looked in my bowl I discovered I had a bowl of headless gummi bears. I only bit off the heads and I am disturbed by my actions. I am not an angry person and I don’t yell, but it seems I released my anger on these poor gummi bears. I can only think that I did this because I am aggravated that I’ve been stuck in the house and feel non-mobile. Did I subconsciously make my gummi bears to where they couldn’t walk either (I would think I would have biten off their legs instead)? Should I be concerned about this? Have you done anything along these lines where you question your own sanity? If so what was it and how did you get through it?

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Would a box of Teddi grahams have fared any better? I don’t think it’s a major concern, as you should be back among the outside denizens soon. It’s interesting though, if you really were unaware of doing it.

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Gummi bears deserved it! I say chomp their little heads off; nibble on their tiny feet!

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Maybe it did it because the indention fits perfectly? I do see two heads in my bowl now…

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LOL – that’s funny and I’m sorry about your situation. I have gummi bear vitamins (they’re gummi fruits, actually) and I find I like ‘em a bit too much – it makes my husband think I’m weird (like any more of that was possible)

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Care Bear Stare!

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OCD and trying to put too much thought into what you have done… Eat them whole! They are more satisfying!!

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A week of inactivity, pain and recuperation (especially in the winter time) cooped up inside when you don’t like that (I could do it standing on my head) isn’t going to make you “bitter”. Peevish, short-tempered and irritable, maybe, but certainly not “bitter”. Give it another few years, though, and… maybe.

But not if you’re eating gummi bears, even if you’re disemboweling the things and pulling off their limbs slowly before you snap off the heads. They’re candy.

Do that to a bowl of toads (real, live, peeing-in-your-hand toads) and I’ll change my opinion. (And I’ll tell you right now that if you do that to a bowl of toads I’ll have an extremely respectful and carefully worded statement for you… and another one for the police… and I will never turn my back on you, injury or no.)

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Actually, in my opinion, the fact that you are eating an entire bowl of gummi bears, even just parts of them, is proof that you have indeed lost your sanity. I cannot abide gummi bears, although my kids seem to like them.

You are doomed unless you can purge the gummi bears by getting rip-snortingly drunk.

Is ripsnortingly a word?

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You just need some fresh air that is it. you need to spend time around other people and that will come in time. just wait and it will get better.

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