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Would you pay a part of the cost of having wind power installed in your neighborhood?

Asked by Drgrafenbergmd (387points) February 8th, 2010

If you live in a neighborhood this question is for you. If you were given the option to invest with your neighbors in wind power, reducing all of your energy bills, would you split the costs with them to see it built?

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I would, if I were able to. In a heartbeat.

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Depends on how much I’d be putting in. If it’s a reasonable cost and the efficiency of the wind power is high, I’d be in.

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Depends on whether I was renting or owned property there. Even if I owned property there, do I plan on staying around long enough to make the investment worthwhile?

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So long as it was within my ability to pay and would, in some reasonable time, return the investment in energy savings, sure.

I supported the Cape Wind project even though I may get taxed for it.

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@DAN – Even if you weren’t living and merely owned land there you could include it in the cost of selling the house or land, it would really boost the value of the area, but yes, while renting it wouldn’t be logical.

@ETPRO – Not only would it return the investment, eventually you could transfer a gas stove or water heater over to electric even further lowering your monthly utilities.

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Definitely. I would do it even though I rent. If all renters all over the place did the same thing, I would benefit no matter where I rented next. And even if it doesn’t benefit me personally, it sure seems like the right thing to do.

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I like the idea, but it sounds very expensive

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@Violet To those whom cost isn’t as large of an issue though, It seems that the consensus is that they would likely quickly agree.

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Totally depends on how windy the area is.

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There is a lot of untapped energy, but I agree only in some places. Thank you

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I would like to but I likely would not be able to afford it.

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It would depend on the investment/return ratio, but yes, I am interested in the idea.

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We pay a little more through our electric bill to have our share come from “green” energy. So, yes.

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No. Due to the reliance on rare earth elements it is not efficacious or sustainable. I would, however, support a nuclear power plant in my neighborhood.

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Like @laureth,we pay extra on our utility bills to subsidize alternative energies; I would be glad to pay more if it meant further reduction in the use of fossil fuels.

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I would support it (as in pay a little more until it became cheaper than gas or oil) as long as the turbines aren’t on a bird or bat migratory route.

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I’d rather install a geothermal system.

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@UScitizen – rare elements? Perhaps you were being facetious. Is there a way you could be serious? Tell me you are joking.

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@UScitizen – are you aware that uranium isn’t all that common and sustainable either?

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