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How to capture Netflix live video streams?

Asked by BoyzUp (36points) February 9th, 2010

Does anyone know if it’s possible to record Netflix movies? I didn’t try to record any movie from Netflix but I saw that it could be some ways, but I don’t understand how…

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I’m sure there is no legal way; are you asking for an illegal method?

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There is no legal way I’m aware of. Not sure why you’d need to- they’re right there online for you.

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@jan he’s simply asking for a method…

and no my knowledge.. i dont know if there is one.. try google

“capture streaming netflix” or something like that

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be careful, netflix has great stream-capture protection i hear.. and youll get banned.

just read all this

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Ooooh – great question!!! Come on, someone must have the answer!

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First, of course I’d like a legal way to record Netflix movies, because if I have done illegality, I’d have been using torrents for a long time, but I was thinking that there would be some tools which can capture Netflix live video streaming legally, because as far as I know making one copy for your own usage and not sharing it with other persons is legal.
Second, I have searched a little bit on google about how to capture streaming netflix but there was nothing there very clearly, I had some results about some softs but there were bad comments which sustained that they don’t work.

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Record Netflix movies? This is indeed a good question and I would just love to hear the answer to this one as well!
This might just sound stupid, but have you taken a look at that add-on for Firefox, Download Helper or whatsitsname? They have a lot of website in their list of supported sites, maybe it is also able to capture Netflix video streaming.
I’ll take a look at that add-on and get back you later.

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Some softs ?

What does that mean ?

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Softs are software.
@johnnycash Thanks, I’ll give a try to that add-on for Firefox.

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Hey BoyzUp,
Just wanted to let you know that you shouldn’t bother to try using the Firefox add-on to record Netflix movies, I just took a look on their website at the list with the supported website and Netflix is not mentioned anywhere, plus I saw that it only works for flash video websites. I am not sure exactly what format are the Netflix movies on because I didn’t manage to find this anywhere, but definitely I doubt it that these are in flv format.

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