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Ipod touch models, difference between...

Asked by tadpole (709points) February 9th, 2010

the ipod touch 32/64 GB are fully revised 3rd gen models…the 8 GB model is a 2nd gen revamped version…apart from the CPU and speed boost to the 3rd gen, what are the differences? is the 8 GB adequate speed wise? is it missing any thing else?

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I bought the 8GB version as I was strapped for cash at the time, however I have yet to find any great limitations with it. It happily plays all of the latest games from the app store without any slow down.

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I own an 8GB 2nd gen and a 32GB 3rd gen.

The 8GB models lack microphone input. Other than that, they all have the same battery life, builtin Nike+, bluetooth, etc.

And even though the larger capacity models should have better/faster guts, I agree with @ModernEpicurian, both are capable of playing the same games, surfing the web, etc. I discern little difference in performance between the two.

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hmmm…good answers, thanks…i too am strapped for cash, hence the consideration of the older model…no mic is a pain, i can’t use skype…wonder if there is any way round this….but sounds like apart from this they’re fairly similar…

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