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If you could rule the world with absolute authority...

Asked by jackm (6200points) February 9th, 2010

…would you?

Please explain your philosophy and reasonings.

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This depends, would there be the possibility of me being assassinated (Because I would probably get killed pretty quickly) or would I have special powers that ensured complete loyalty?

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No. I don’t have the answers to the worlds problems. I wouldn’t want the authority. Absolute power my worst qualities. I’ll stick with being a spectator thank you.

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Damn skippy!!!

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Nah. I don’t want the headache. I have enough trouble managing my own life!

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There are days I couldn’t find my butt with both hands and a flash light, now you want me to figure out what to do with other people? Please.

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Given I end up with that position, I would hold it in place long enough to establish a world government. Without borders, yet with distinct ways to save all the different civilizations, way of thinking – yet unify them in peace.

Then – finally fix the UN to be that world government, establish a proper system (very very long answer, if you want I will elaborate :P).

Then, step down and go for a vacation. Being the world’s one leader would be a LOT of work.

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For some time. Until my goal to make humanity extinct is complete.

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Sounds like a good time. I mean I have absolute authority over the world not that anyone can stop me anyways. :D

I would destory the currency of money, and form a new trade system….and if you don’t like it you die.

and so on with anything else, resistance = death.

Remember I have absolute authority. Hehe. This questions makes me feel like Darth Vader….

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I guess I would, although no matter how good my intentions might be, Which they prolly wouldn’t. you just can’t please everyone, so it probably wouldn’t work much and I’d just appear as a tyrant.
If anything I’d probably just enjoy the benefits that comes with world domination, like hot tubs and free booze.

Not to worry though, that I’ve so little ambition most likely secures my forever status as peasant.

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Yep. There may be a lot of wailing, rending of clothes, and gnashing of teeth at first but I think you all will thank me in the end.

You know, those of you that I didn’t shoot into space.

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We would have one confused world if I ruled. ;p

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Yes. But it probably would be long before the uprisings.

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If the world was put into my hands, I would follow the advice of the Arthur theme song.

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Of course I would. The first thing I would do is get together the best social planners in the world, along with some agriculturists and scientists and end poverty and world hunger forever. I would always be sure to surround myself with the true experts in education and philosophy to see that the people were well served.

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Yaaay. That’s it, I vote for @YARNLADY !
“Who are the Britons?” “We are all Britons, and I’m your King.” “Well I didn’t vote for you.” “You don’t vote for the King.” “Well how’d you become King then?” “The Lady of The Lake, her are clad in shimmering samite, held aloft Excalibur, signifying the I, Arthur, was to be King.”
“Look, strange women lyin’ about in ponds, distributing swords is no basis for a system of government.”

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Seeing that world domination is my New Year’s resolution for this year I’d have to say, “You betcha!”

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Even though I would be very good at it and all of you would benefit tremendously from my philanthropy and sagacious leadership, I just wouldn’t have time for the finer things in life like video games and Fluther so I’m going to have to decline for the time being. I reserve the right to rule at a later time when my schedule permits it.

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@ragingloli You would extinct the human species just after you die to

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Hard question
I think that if I could rule the world I would kill every religious people and any body else who is ignorant to this universe
But I don’t know how much fun would be the world if I kill every possible target for my distraction.So I’m still thinking

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I wouldn’t take the job. Talk about your stress! Plus, I do best in a structured environment.
No, I’d rather have a cushy delegate position a couple levels below Ultimate Supreme Dictator of Everything. Like a duke or something.

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If I could rule the world with absolute authority I would request the people to distrust absolute authority.

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