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If you ruled the world how would you change it?

Asked by BASEBALLISLIFE (73points) June 5th, 2008 from iPhone

You have total power and no one can veto your decisions.

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Stop letting people obsess over nuclear energy and focus more on tidal, wind and solar power sources.

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get rid of George Bush to start with. Get military out of Iraq.

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I’d love to change the world but I can’t find a diaper big enough.

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I don’t think they’ll trust me with that…

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world peace…......... No racism….. I don’t like racist people….... Agree with pnl. Get rid of bush….

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Well, I would start with finding a way to provide clean water, food, sanitation, health care, and a proper education for every citizen of our planet. Even if that meant diverting resources used to currently make TVs and cars to other sectors.

And I would try to fix up the environment a bit.

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to add to jp’s great answer, let’s not forget shelter for all !

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A healthy and educated workforce is a productive workforce that can actually provide more goods and services than a stupid and sickly workforce.

And shelter for all. PnL is right.

It doesn’t have to fancy. In most cases a tent and sleeping bags would do.

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The world and the people that inhabit are too volitile in my opinion to succesfully change it for the better :)

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I would get rid of the DH in the American league. What an f’n dumb rule.

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Amen, Sueanne. May as well eliminate interleafue as wee.

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@Chuck: I’m not as opposed to interleague play, but it hasn’t lived up to my expectations.

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make certain substances legal…personally i dont see the harm in making pot legal if so many people die from drinking (and sometimes driving while drinking _). lets have fun killing our bodys!

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make cities more skateboard friendly like vancouver b.c. they have skate plazas in the city. kinda like a downtown city park but with legal stuff to skate. and more social programs for poor people like me. your average older skater like me works construction has no insurance and when i break a ankle or wrist or whatever i usually have no choice but to go to the emergency room. i dont have the means to pay these medical bills so i ignore them. lets be more like canada.

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oh and graffiti on things no one really uses would be legal…not on like schools and stuff though.

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I agree with buster. I like skateboarding but I havent skated recently because some one lost my skateboard.

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I would make any one over 200 pounds loose wight it will be good for them and every one around them. Don’t get me wrong I understand some people cant help it but if they atleast try to loose weight and loose atleast some cant be any worse then sitting at home doing nothing and muching off tax payers money.

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I would like to outlaw racism and hatred of anyone based on ethnicity or religion. It may not be legal but it is allowed.
I would like to make educators have to produce results or lose their jobs. The way most people have too.
I would like to end all fascism and dictatorship.

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Well you said world so I would make sure there was freedom for everyone.

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