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Would you like other flutherers to be able to see what question you're viewing currently (if online)

Asked by drhat77 (6195points) February 9th, 2010

You know when you get on fluther and seem to follow lock-step with another jelly posting responses. I would love to be able to see what question some of my favorite people are viewing (or maybe just posting a reply to), when I go to their personal info page.

Is this too creepy/stalky? Or would this blow the fluther algorithm?

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I wouldn’t mind – they’d see I’m following about 80% of the qs on here.

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not the ones you are following, but the ONE your browser is on RIGHT NOW (audiologists COVER YOUR EARS)

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I think it’s a cool idea.

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Then we could all stalk each other in some perverted social networking version of a daisy chain.

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@wundayatta it’ll be like some mc escher of a reflection looking into a mirror

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Sounds a bit stalky to me. I would not be a happy camper with this.

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It could definitely be set to opt in only if you want it

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Of course. Big Brother is already watching me so why not Big Fluther or Big Jelly?

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It also sounds a bit conceited. Why would you ever think anyone would be interested in what you were looking at? I think people have better things to do with their time. But maybe other people lead more interesting fluther lives than I do.

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@wundayatta there are some people here whose answers always shine with wisdom and i would LOVE to see what they’re writing down when they’re visiting. maybe make a convo real time.

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@wundayatta like i’m doing with you. now.

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@drhat77 Well, sure. There are some very wise people here. Even so, following them around—what’s the point? I mean, if you see someone on a question, you can wait. But if you are following them from question to question—it just seems weird. Like you don’t have your own interests.

You have just illustrated my point. The feature already exists.

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yes but only because i’ve stumbled on to it. I guess it has to do with the sense of immediacy that the net fosters, and how we notice it’s lack so acutely

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Creepy. Stalky. Please no.

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I’m not for it, either. I prefer to use PMs for conversation, and just visit the threads that interest me. If I happen to run into friends on the thread, it’s a happy accident. Hi, friends!

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NOOOOO! Sometimes I sneak a peek at those NSFW questions and I don’t want anyone to know

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I wouldn’t mind.

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I would hate it. If for some crazy ass reason you do this can it be “opt-in”.

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This might be a bit extreme, maybe show if a user is online.

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Like we don’t know who you are already?

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I don’t think it would be necessary to know who was viewing what but I wouldn’t mind @J0E‘s suggestion of showing if a user is online.

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I would absolutely hate that. I like my privacy, thank you very much.

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What @J0E said.

Show when a user is online. It’s a great idea for a feature.

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