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Where is everyone from?

Asked by weeveeship (4665points) October 1st, 2010

Where are you from?

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Originally from Syracuse, NY.
Currently living in Southwestern Illinois.

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Originally from Zambia, moved to Iceland 4 years ago, Now living in Denmark for 1 year cause mother is studying, may be moving back to Iceland after 1 year maybe not.

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Really, did you guys really just say where you live.
Just so I have less of a chance of being modded I’ll say I am from the united states and still live in the states.

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@daytonamisticrip What’s wrong with saying what city or state you live in? I just wouldn’t give out your full street address.

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@daytonamisticrip They didn’t say what street they live in or even what town they currently reside in. They might as well be part of a survey. Besides, unless they give their full name, how would anyone find them through this?

And I was born and raised in Arkansas.

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Beautiful Northern California, but I have since moved.

@daytonamisticrip Know the difference between revealing where you live and revealing where you’re from – in other words, I took the question as, where we were born, but I understand not everyone is going to.

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If you all have that much trust for strangers so be it. I’m just baffled by it.

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@daytonamisticrip my young friend….most people cannot find Mississippi! Much less, where I live.

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@daytonamisticrip Unless your running peerblock or some related program to surf anonymously, you are as good as giving your location away everytime you log-in.

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You would be suprised by how much a good computer person or hacker can tell about you from you just being logged in. The State where you live is a small piece of information.

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The van parked outside your house.How do you not notice? XD

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@daytonamisticrip Trust? Trust that what? They’ll find my state? Do you know how many people live in the areas we all stated? Not one of us would be able to be found by saying what we’ve said. You need more info about someone to find them. And that’s fact, not trust in strangers.

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Easy there fellas, this is just for fun. I’m not stalking anyone.

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@weeveeship Aw, man. Why not?

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I was born and lived my first eight years on Staten Island, NY.

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The Windy City.

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Born in Santa Cruz, CA.. raised in San Francisco. Now I live in the Bay Area.

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@MissAnthrope wow…great area. I spent two months there in 1989 working the San Fran earthquake. Love it.

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@BoBo1946 – I’m rather partial to it, myself. ;)

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Originally from Las Vegas, then moved to the Bay Area when I was 10 (peninsula, rather not give away the specific area) and am currently there now because I go to college here.

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@MissAnthrope I can certainly understand why. I was there 60 days and 50 of those days it was around 70 F with very low humidity, not to mention, the beauty of the area.

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I am from a suburb of Los Angeles.

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Earth the third planet from the sun,,, in the Sol system…. or Canada if you prefer

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@daytonamisticrip Most people don’t even know West Virginia is a state and not a part of Virginia. There is no way you will find my house by looking up Chyna in West Virginia, which is where I’m from.

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Everyone’s from Earth aren’t they? Me, i’m born & bred in the North East of England.

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Born in Jacksonville, raised in South Ga. Moved to Ill at 18 to get married have lived in St Louis, Gatlynburg TN, Cocoa Beach Fla., Orlando and now reside in NYC…. So I guess I’d say I’m FROM Ga.

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There is a map here.

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North-west England. The wet bit.

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I’m on Ryan’s map.

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I swore I answered this question on here like last week. Haha but I’ll answer again.

Sweet home Alabama! :)

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Jersey. Though I spend half the time in England with my other half and we’re moving to SF in a few months.

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N’awlins. baby!

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@BoBo1946, my young friend….most people cannot find Mississippi! Much less, where I live.

And those who can find you, hopefully will send checks in the next mail.

I’m not too far above MS, at #46

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@BarnacleBill And WV is 49th. No wonder I can’t find a job.

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@lucillelucillelucille; Turn off that damned car alarm so I can invite you in for coffee, already!!

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@johnpowell holly crap I’m glad I’m not on that map. Probably because i didn’t say where I live.

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Born in Adelaide, south Australia, now living in the North East of England……. Lots of moves in between :-/

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I tried putting myself on that map last time it was mentioned, but it doesn’t work. I’m still not on it :(

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Everyone should remember that @daytonamisticrip is only 13 years old. I instruct my own children not to give out ANY personal information on line, including their hometown. Well done, @daytonamisticrip.

That said, I’m from Maryland, but live in a neighboring state now. ;)

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(Get a mental image of Bruce singing) Born in the USA! with the fist in the air.

Now living in tropical Queensland Australia.

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@daytonamisticrip :: You have to ask to be put on the map. I won’t add people without them requesting to be added.

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@BarnacleBill Yep, we are last in everything except nice people. I like it here. Hey, do you bleed Blue?

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Manchester, Manchester England :-)

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Someone should remind the 13 year old @daytonamisticrip that nice children don’t rudely correct their elders. As with all humans, if you feel another is doing something dangerous and you really feel it is your job to show them the error of their ways, it is usually more productive to do so politely.

@augustlan – That is a lovely and very festive new avatar! JP outdid himself.

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Sydney Australia

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Derbyshire, England

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Anyone here from Frog Suck, Wy or Intercourse, Pa. ?

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What about Tallygaroopna, Victoria, or Tangambalanga, Victoria?

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Washington State

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Charleston, SC! The Holy city! holy bull@#*

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born in Virginia, now in Columbia, South Carolina—bout a hundred miles from @ladymia69

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Giving a shout-out to my neighbor VS!

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Gorgeous Southern Oregon!

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Born in California, presently live east-central Missouri.

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The first six years of my life was spent in Kingston, Jamaica WI
In 1989 I migrated here with my family and have lived in Brooklyn, NY to date.

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Essex, England, Great Britain, Europe, . . . . do you remember writing all that and more on envelopes when you were young and thinking you were so smart?

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