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Any advice for people new to fluther?

Asked by c_will103 (43points) February 10th, 2010

Recently i’ve started my fluther account. My lurve is currently 19. Are there any frequent fluther users out there that have any advice on getting your lurve as high as possible?

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Pretty simple…ask good questions, give good answers and make new friends!! Also you should give out GA lurve often it breeds points!! ;)

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The less you care about lurve, the faster it will accumulate.

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Fluther a lot.

Give good, well-thought out answers to the questions.

Don’t focus on lurve so much.

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Don’t eat yellow snow

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Have fun, don’t worry about points, and welcome!

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You can find a lot of great ideas and tips by browsing the links at the bottom of this page, and reading the entries in the Blog. If you have any personal comments or questions, the contact button at the top of the page is the place to go.

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Just be helpful and friendly. Welcome!

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I just visited 26127 days in a row. It didn’t really take any effort.

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Ask intelligent questions.

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Enjoy yourself and be yourself while remembering just how insignificant Lurve really is and concentrating instead on having fun, learning new things, sharing with others, and meeting all kinds of extraordinary new people.

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Lurve comes sometimes when and where you least expect it. Take my word on this.

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Here is a actual hint. People barely give lurve for questions. Answers are where you get it.

And don’t think opening multiple accounts and lurving yourself will help. It will just get your account deleted. They have tools to check.

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Everyone gets modded at one point or another; don’t take it personally. Think of it as a challenge.

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@johnpowell What? You live on Jupiter? Naw, even then you wouldn’t get enough days since fluther came into existence to get 26K day points.

I think you’re trying t’ pull a fast one on us, there, jp, and I’ve caught you red handed you little varmint, you!

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Welcome to Fluther! Check out the guidelines, they’ll give you an idea of what makes a great question and/or answer. Then, it’s all just a matter of participating in a thoughtful (or sometimes, funny) way. The big thing to remember is that lurve don’t mean a thing… it’s not like we can cash it in or anything. Enjoy!

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Be kind.

Keep your sense of humor.

Use your spell-check.

Give yourself a little time to get used to us.

Don’t pimp for lurve. Just enjoy it.

PM augustlan ^^^ or the mods or anyone you like if you need some guidance while you’re getting comfortable.

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