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Why do our newborns squirm so much after feeding?

Asked by Izzard (70points) March 3rd, 2008

My wife and I had our first kids – a twin boy and girl – three weeks ago. They seem perfect in every way but we’re finding feeding them very stressfull. My wife is working on breastfeeding them exclusively but for now that isn’t possible so most of their feeds are formula. A lot of times the babies squirm and pull contorted faces a few minutes after feeding. This goes on for some time and it upsets us until they settle down. We burp them carefully and patiently and don’t lay them straight down.

We have tried Aptimel and SMA formulae. We have tried tepid milk and warm milk. Time-based feeding and demand-feeding. Small quantities and whole bottles (as they demand it). Nothing seems to quite crack the problem. The squirming and crying is ofter accompanied by them throwing up a not-insignificant quantitiy of the milk. Is there anything else we can try?

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Sounds like gas. Some babies require more than one burp.

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Even if we burp them repeatedly for a long time it still happens.

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Did this also happen with breast milk? If not, maybe you could try that again.

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maybe they have colic my kids were like that sometimes I would give then warm chamomile tea. Yes I know your dr will say not to but it works and my kids turned out fine.

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Some babies’ digestive systems are not yet running very well. There’s a dropper medicine for the discomfort (has“tummies” in the name). Also holding them on their side (it’s EITHER right OR left side down and I don’t remember which) after feeding can help their system sort things out.

Sorry for the lack of specifics, but my nurse sister used those methods for her first.

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Sounds like gas.

Theres an over the counter in the babys area at store…I forget the name. It is Tummys something. It does works wonders.

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its left side down.

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Check out baby massage. It helps relax them, improves digestion, helps colic, and improves bonding for starters. Many locations offer classes, but failing that, you can get a book and sort it out yourself. I wish I had done it with my kiddos. By the way, it’s not difficult at all.

Here is one of many links I found.

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