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How to take care of vinyl banners?

Asked by mikema25 (3points) February 10th, 2010

How to take good care of vinyl banners for my business?

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1. Roll up banner
2. Stick banner in closet or storage area.
3. Take banner out next year.
4. Realize that your business has changed just enough so that banner is obsolete.
5. @#$%.
6. Buy new banner.

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When you store the banner, put it in a bag to protect it and tie the bag closed. Before you re-use the banner, have your assistant give it a gentle cleaning with a sponge dampened in some water and dishwashing soap. Not too much soap. Allow to air dry and then use it.

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There are numerous simple and easy things you can do grant the life of this banner. Thoroughly clean your current soft banner that has a minor detergent or perhaps water and soap within drinking water. Wash the soft having a fresh, gentle fabric. Recall, the use of harsh or perhaps strong cleaners make a difference to the caliber of the banner. Make certain your current banner seemingly dry just before holding.

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