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Does anybody have a trusted source for buying vitamins online?

Asked by DrC (945points) February 11th, 2010

If anyone has first-hand experience, I am interested in what sites you trust for buying vitamins. I am not talking about supplements for bodybuilding please. Just vitamins like B complex, selenium, CoEnzQ10, calcium. I’m trying to find a good alternative to buying these at retail stores since they are quite expensive. Thnx.

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Here goes, dont know if they do the one’s you specifically want….

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Super Supplements is a great place with great prices. I shop at their retail stores whenever I am in Seattle.

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As a kid I used to work for the Windmill Vitamin company and they have excellent products you can find here…

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@TheJoker….Oh, I should have mentioned, for shipping in the USA.

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@DrC… Sorry buddy!

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@TheJoker Hey -if I don’t ask specific questions, I won’t get as precise answers! Thanks though.

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I comparison shop. I have found that has a huge variety, and their costs are about as low as it goes. In addition, they charge the same low price for shipping regardless of the size of your order. So the more you buy, the cheaper it is.

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In Germany I use online pharmacies or reputable drug stores. So how about

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I’ve been doing business with Puritan’s Pride, for nearly ten years,and they have been absolutely reliable, reputable. Every problem—very few—has been dealt with and resolved to my satisfaction. I can call them 24hrs/day and quickly get a skilled, courteous, native-English-speaking agent. The website is comprehensive, educational as well. I make one huge order in the summer, utilizing the “buy one, get two free” promotion, and then a fill-in or two during the year. I am a comparison shopper; and this pricing is (the 3-for1) is outstanding. In fact, right now they have their second-best yearly promotion going on (buy 2 get 3 free) and I’m making a fill-in order. I am very familiar with the vast array of vitamins and supplements available, both online and retail stores, and have never been disappointed by Puritan’s Pride. Shipping costs are minimal; usually my orders are large enough to qualify for free shipping anyway. They have all kinds of other deals, promotions throughout the year, and I also receive their printed brochures regularly. Many of their items are really just “Private Label” products, made for them with their label on it, by the same companies I see in the shops. They also carry many name brands at reasonable prices. The website is extensive, easy to use, well-indexed, with a first-rate search system. I am also a very wary online shopper. I have no affiliation or connection with them whatsoever; just answering your question from my personal experience. “How do you judge a tree? By the fruit it bears.”
PS. I have a friend who lives near their headquarters facility in Long Island, NY, and he says it is amazing. Again, the 3/2 sale going on now is good; but the 3/1 summer sale saves me hundreds of dollars every year. I really research and compare in detail, and overall—with few exceptions, the summer sale, beginning usually in late May/early June, is hard to beat, both quality and price-wise.

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