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What were some FUN classes you took in college?

Asked by trumi (6486points) February 11th, 2010

I’m looking for a fun, easy, interesting class to add to my schedule this spring, but I’m having a hard time thinking up ideas. I’m a film student, so a lot of my classes are already fun/interesting, but they’re not exactly easy.

What did you enjoy taking? Or, what are you taking now that you find interesting?

Extra Credit lurve if you were/are an Ohio State University student, as the class may still exist.

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I loved my broad Introduction to the History of Art course (familiarly known as “Darkness at Noon.” )

Astronomy for non-science majors (with night labs) was also fun.

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All of my fun classes were hard. All of the easy ones were boring.

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Sculpture I.

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My 3 most fun subjects were Econ, German and Logic. They were all easy to me. Your mileage may vary.

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Comparative Religion was a favorite of mine. I always like English Literature and World Literature. Organic Chemisty was a blast, because I used the skills I was learning to make better rocket fuels and bombs. :-)

I never had time to take any of the truly fluff classes.

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American Political Science

The teacher was an old senile republican who knew a bunch of real politicians. He would bring them in to talk to us. But the best part was going to a city council meeting and witnessing this happen.

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Social history was fun for me. Forget about wars and war heroes, I learned that poor factory workers during the Industrial Revolution, would nurse their babies with laudunum so they could go to work and not worry about the baby crying, something that could make them lose their miserable lodgings. That’s just one example, but it was a very interesting, relatively easy course that I really enjoyed.

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@trumi Ice Cream Tasting—for real at a land grant college.

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(Is it too soon to ask whether college students use “fun” regularly as an adjective rather than its traditional use as an adverb?)

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@Tropical_Willie Penn State? Or maybe Nebraska?

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@gailcalled She used it correctly. Look it up

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“Myth, Science, and Philosophy in Ancient Greece” was one of my favorite courses. I also loved Constitutional Law. Not exactly light, fluffy courses, but fun nonetheless.

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The University of Connecticut

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All of the art classes I took were great:)

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Daughter had a course at University of Connecticut that required her “Show a Pig” for animal husbandry class.

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(Is it too soon to point @gailcalled to the definition of fun here, or here or here or here to show her that fun is an adjective?)

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The most fun I had in college was taking the classes that actually pertained to my major. I struggled through my first few semesters taking all those natural science classes. If I have to see the inside of another chemistry lab I think I’ll puke. I should not know as much as I do about Chemistry. I paid a lot for it and I will ultimately forget all of it and put none of it to any good use.

The University of Michigan likes being a ball-buster, so they make us take ridiculous amounts of classes that have nothing to do with our major just to make the school more competitive. Most of my friends majoring in CS at other state Universities (Michigan State, Wayne State) only needed to take through Calculus 1 and an introductory Chemistry course. I had to take through Calc III and Differential Equations, among other things, and three semesters of Chemistry. Ack.

I’m a computer science major and I really enjoy my major, so I have a lot of fun in my computer science classes. I sometimes blew off doing normal college student things so I could sit at home and work on programming assignments. Yes, I’m really that much of a dork.

‘Course there was plenty of going out and getting hammered, too.

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Buisness Law, Macroeconomics, Shakespeare, Oceanography and Marine Biology.. those were all fun. At least to me.

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Currently, Intro To Business is one of my favorites. The teacher, while he has an impressive resume, is really quite an abrasive individual, and often spars with the multiple asskissers in that class.

If your school offers an intro AutoCAD class, that is another fun one.

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@trumi What’s your major?

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Marriage and Family…. It consisted of a very angry lesbian psuedo-professor try to convince all of we unenlightened paying students that she and her lesbian partner were a normal family. Hilarity ensued.

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PL146: The Epistemology of Basketweaving.

ok, not really, but I wish this had been a course.

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Dancing as credit for Phys Ed.

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Bowling for one of my gym electives.

Television soap opera production as an elective in my major. The entire class created and produced a 5-episode soap opera and rotated jobs in the production.

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ceramics! and really just any art class… they were challenging but great and it’s always nice to have a tangible object to look at after you’ve spent time and energy working on it!

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I dual-majored in mechanical engineering and history. The entire history major was entertainment for me. Now I’m going back 30 years later to get a doctorate in it.

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I can’t answer this question because I am only in 10th grade;D

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@Thesexier then don’t.

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Genealogy, music appreciation and a little 1 unit class on drawing without looking at your sketch.

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My college has an introduction to chocolate appreciation class. I haven’t taken it, as it fills up fast as one would assume

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@ekans Cool! Although I didn’t go to Cornell, I heard that they had a wine tasting class. It also filled up very quickly…

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OOH I would go back to school if it would mean a degree in food appreciation, with a major in chocolate.

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@galileogirl See, we agree on lots of things!

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I took a printmaking class that was crazy fun, and also enjoyed a class called “2-D design” which turned out to be mainly collage. I was a double major so I never got to take anything outside my two majors, sadly. One class I really wanted to take but never could was sign language.

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Berklee College of Music had a class that was about John Lennon and his music. I always wanted to take it but it filled up very fast.

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I’m in a Civil War Historiography class and we will get to shoot rifles, watch re-enactments, and visit battlefields.

Oh, and I’m in a life drawing class, and naked people are pretty fun to look at, I suppose, especially when they aren’t airbrushed.

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I took a great philosophy class! It wasn’t easy but the teacher (Dr. Takei -Clarion University or College at the time) was the best!

I’m wondering about that Civil War Historiography class was taught…my son would enjoy that…

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@summerlover, what do you want to know about it?

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Printmaking. It introduces people to a form of art that not many are familiar with. And, it teaches you how to print your own designs on clothes. Very fun. :)

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Anything to do with the human body. Definatley Biology & Anatomy and Physiology.

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@fireinthepriory I had that same problem. Fortunately my second major was the “fun’ part.

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard , where are you taking the class

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@Fiddle_Playing_Creole_Bastard Wow! We didn’t get to do fun stuff like that 35 years ago. I could have aced “musket drill”.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land I had one “fun major, too – my second major was studio art, my first was biology. But by the end biology had become the fun major. While that made it easier to choose a career path, it did leave me with the sad feeling that I’d wasted a lot of classes that could have been better spent!

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@fireinthepriory Strange that I never really used my first major (ME) and am now going back to get a doctorate in the “fun” one.

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land Well it sounds like a wonderful plan to me! It’s always amazing when you get to do the “fun” thing full-time.

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@summerlover, I’m at Maryville College in east TN.

@stranger_in_a_strange_land, I’m sure you would! now if we got to re-enact the Zulu wars with Martini-Henrys…. ohhhh yess, that would be epic!

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@stranger_in_a_strange_land, great minds think alike! or do they think for themselves? either way, you read my mind!

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Archery and I really had fun with it.

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Human Neuropsychology.

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I took an audio class in college that was an absolute blast…we learned all about sound, waves, reflection, absorption, amplification and manipulation and having access to all this ancient and modern electrical gear including an original MOOG synthesizer was Nirvana for me.

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Speaking of which, some friends swear by “The physics of music” – if it’s offered.

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Basketry, Beginning Piano, Cooking. The cooking class was especially fun, because we experimented to see what happens when you substitute, reduce, or leave out ingredients.

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@tragiclikebowie My son’s a Berklee grad. What year did you graduate?

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@ETpro Heh, I didn’t. I dropped out after my Freshman year.

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@tragiclikebowie Sorry to hear that. Conrad graduated in 2008.

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@ETpro Yeah some crap happened to me my second semester and I was getting really bad grades, so I dropped out. My dad wasn’t willing to let me return because of the $10,000 I wasted so I have resigned myself to the state education system for now.

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I also really enjoyed an Intro to Music Theory. We studied Mozart’s symphony #40 for an entire semester. It was wonderful.

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@OneMoreMinute , why are you so mean to me?

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@Thesexier;Your non-answer is considered “white noise.” If you can’t answer a question, simply don’t. @OneMoreMinute was reporting and not judging.

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