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How do you feel about the rapid pace of change (in everything) in recent years?

Asked by Spinel (3220points) February 11th, 2010

Ever since the fall of the Berlin Wall and the Internet, the world have changed massively like no other point in history, changed to the point of no return. And it’s not slowing down. How do you feel about the rapid change we see all around us? Will the current paths of things eventually harm us or take us to new levels?

Do you wish for the “good old days” or is the quick modern area just fine with you?

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I feel tired.

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I’m optimistic. More often than not, change is good.
But we have to regain some balance as individuals, keeping up with constant change is exhausting.

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I like this “quick modern world”. Well, that might be because I’m 13 and this is pretty much all I’ve ever known, but I like it. I like this quote (I don’t know who said it or where I saw it) I saw online a few months ago: “I usually like change, but some times it feels like the world is spinning so fast I might fall off.”
Lately, when I am falling asleep at night, I think about what is changing around me and I just try to let the day sink in so in a few years when everything has changed, I can remember what life was like “back then”.

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Technology has done good and bad. Life is easier but humanity should not lose it’s ability to exist without it.
Some segments of our society are anything but progressive. The NYC Department of education is a classic example of this. In New York state change happens too slowly.
I am the Mother of an Autistic young Man. I have to deal with narrowed minded people that do not know anything about the technique that works.

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It’s a lot of fun, but has cost us in terms of sociological growth and human decency towards one another.

Modern technology has helped to disconnect us from the connections between people that are as little lines of a web that runs between us.

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I think it’s wonderful. I wasn’t alive during the ‘good old days’ (thankfully since I’m black) so this is what I’m used to so I can’t wait to see it improved on even more. I just think about all the time what phones and computers will be like when I’m 40, it’s going to be so FREAKING AWESOME lol.

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Our human civilization is going through massive development. But always remember that our natural world was going through destruction since we over-consumed all resources from this beautiful earth. I prefer the combination between two era. The ever-changing modern world with respect for nature and human social life. It doesn’t matter how hard we try to change our world to good old days world,modernization and globalization will eventually get their way.

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Since the fall of the wall, huh? Yay. I rhymed. Now, I was only 14 when the they tore down the Berlin Wall, but to me, life has always been this fast paced.

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Just get rid of the British government & I’ll be happy!!, anyone wanna join a revolution????

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I was born at the end-cusp of the so-called “good ol’ days” and I can recall the smell of freshly mimeographed paper like it was this morning.

Yet, I have always been fascinated by technology and the sea change between the world I lived in in 1975 and the world I live in now is astounding. There isn’t much I miss about society in those days. But, yes, the resource consumption rate is shocking. I do wonder when the vaunted savings in resources that technology was supposed to bring will happen. Computers were supposed to reduce paper usage, not increase it, for example.

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Some of it, I guess. I don’t make any sense of the majority of the hand held devices that people are using. I generally leave the ‘changes’ to the younger folk. I have everything I ever wanted, and I’m satisfied with it.

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Again, since I’m 18, it’s pretty much all I’ve ever known, but I seem to like most of it. Not all of it, certainly. The idea of “constant connection” that I’ve mentioned before is not appealing to me, but for the most part, I like it. Especially the social change, it isn’t just technology. Even in 1989, the concept of “gay marriage” was one so preposterous it was unheard of. Now several places around the world are allowing it.

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I miss letraset type
I miss darkrooms
I miss exacto knives
and kneaded erasers

I miss French curves
I miss mechanical pencils
I miss drafting tables
and drawing compasses

But I love me some Adobe and Apple and all the wonders that await. I will not be a dinosaur because nostalgia has it’s place.

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I use mechanical pencils all the time…the vast majority of people in my classes take notes using a notebook and a mechanical pencil or pen. Darkrooms are still used by artistic photographers (I use one relatively regularly, though I’m not much of an artistic photographer) and exacto-knives are definitely still used.

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@DomincX: You are correct sir, but those items (and many more) have become an adendum in the graphic arts industry. Before, they were the industry.

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I can’t say that I like the general direction that society’s taking, but I do like me some technology.
I do not like the way that talking to people while waiting for the train is beginning to seem weird and I really don’t like those telephone headsets; it’s becoming more and more difficult to be sure that the person is talking to you.

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There is a theory known as Novelty Theory. Not truly a scientific theory (some of the elements brush up against spirituality). Simply put, this theory tracks the appearance of novelties throughout history. An example of a novelty would be the seemingly random appearance of agriculture in a hunter/gatherer society. Another novelty would be the development of industry. The theory states that these species-changing events are appearing more frequently; not only is the rate at which they appear increasing, but _the rate at which they increase is itself increasing!__

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I am a person of change – change doesn’t scare me and I do not yearn for any ‘good old days’

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