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Has anyone had an endometrial biopsy? (female Jellies, obviously)

Asked by LunaChick (1376points) February 12th, 2010

I had an endometrial biopsy today and it was extremely painful. I’m still in pain, 13 hours later. Has anyone else had this procedure? Was it painful for you or am I just a wimp, when it comes to this type of testing?

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I’m wondering if your doctor made an error, or was unnecessarily rough. When my sister had that, she only had pain for a couple of hours, and went to work the same afternoon.

You should call the doctor and ask if there was anything unusual, because you are still in pain.

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He did explain, afterward, that my cervix was slightly narrow, which may have been a factor in why it hurt so much. The reason for the biopsy is to make sure I’m healthy/cancer free, so I can get Mirena. After what happened with the biopsy pain, he suggested placing a laminaria stick, the day before inserting the Mirena. It will open the cervix enough for a (hopefully) less painful procedure.

I was just wondering if I’m just one of the unlucky ones, who has pain during this procedure, or of other women experienced something similar.

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I was supposed to have had it about 5 years ago.

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I had two some years ago. They were both quite painful, although I don’t remember the pain lingering that long. The second time I threw up righ after it.

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I had one about five years ago and I don’t remember it being exceedingly painful. I certainly don’t remember the pain lingering for so long afterward.

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@janbb – I’m glad I didn’t throw up, although I did nearly pass out. The doctor made me lie back down, when he saw me going. I told him I felt okay and he said “I’ve been doing this long enough to know you’re about to pass out – your color is draining, etc…” So I had to lie down for a little while.

@SuperMouse – I’m glad you were one of those who had it fairly easy. If the pain continued into today, I would have called the doctor. I still feel some discomfort, but it’s not like yesterday.

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Yeah, that sounds completely normal
I hope the results are positive given your current situation

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@LunaChick The good news about the throwing up was that I found out a few days later that I was pregnant; the biopsy was part of an infertility work-up. So it was ultimately a yay!

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It’s been about 20 years since I had one, but I perform them in my work in addition to inserting IUDs. The two procedures feel very similar except that after the IUD insertion, there tends to be more cramping because your uterus is trying to adjust to the idea of a foreign body inside. Based on my personal and professional experience, it’s usually intensely crampy during and then mildly crampy for another hour or two afterward. afetr an IUD insert, cramping usually lasts a couple days When the cervical canal is stenotic i.e., stiff and tightly closed – or if it goes into a spasm the NP or doctor has to dilate the cervix a little to get through leading to a much more intense procedure. That could make it crampier afterward, but usually OK with ibuprofen.

The laminaria is a good idea for making the Mirena insertion a little easier – in my practice, we use a hormonal softening agent called misoprostol when we have reason to think there might be some cervical stenosis. Your doctor could also do a paracervical block, a type of local anesthetic injected into the sides of the cervix, that makes dilation more comfortable although the injection part hurts.

The fainting is not directly related to the pain. Your vagal nerve part of your autonomic nervous system connects to your cervix and uterus, among other organs – it also helps control heart rate and blood pressure. The vagal nerve can get “activated” from a procedure like this, which lowers your heart rate and blood pressure, thereby leading to light headedness and possibly fainting. I’ve seen it happen in women who didn’t have all that much cramping. Most women recover quickly if they lie on their side for a few minutes.

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@MagsRags – Thank you for explaining this, from a professional’s point of view. Your post helped me understand what was going on a bit more and what I should expect with the Minera placement.

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I had a mirena coil fitted last week for treatment for my endometriosis and I passed out afterwards. I knew I was “going” and have a history of over sensitive vagus nerve! (still, never nice!). The measuring of the womb gave me bad cramps then the actual insertion but it didnt last long – like a bad period but compared to the pain Im used to it was more acute and didnt last long. I bled after (only spotting) and the low cramps lasted about 5 days but got significantly less every day. Its still early days for me but if it works, thats five years of pain-free!

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I had an endometrial biopsy last week. I’ve never experienced such pain. The nurse and technician stayed with and cared for me but it was obvious that my reaction wasn’t typical. I’ve since been doing some “on-line” research and have found that this reaction is not so unusual. I’ve never almost passed out from pain before. Our stories are the same (color draining from the face, they told me the same thing – the shaky hands – awful). I’m so sorry. I wish I had researched more ahead of time and would have known to ask for lidocaine or a Xanax or something. I hope you’re feeling better now. It took me a good 24 hours to feel better- 48 to feel normal. Good luck.

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I had a seizure after my endo biopsy. First time having a seizure. Not good. Was admitted to hospital for three days. Nothing found in brain. Dr had never seen reaction like that. Biosy negative. Surgery inabout a week for suspicous ovarian mass. Must have been a man that decided how these endo biopsies r conducted. Extremely painful procedure. Not much pain afterwards for me but some bleeding for a few days and still wondering why the seizure happened. Small cystic lesion in orbit region. Should not cause a seizure though. Probably just a fluke reaction.

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