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I always wear flats during the summer time and I always get huge blisters at the back of my heel, any solutions?

Asked by Oxymoron (1239points) February 12th, 2010

I want to keep wearing flats, but I need some advice as to how I can avoid getting blisters from them!

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Dr. Scholls has these adhesive backed sued patches which can be cut to fit.

Most drugstores should carry them.

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Why not try wearing slip on mules. They are very comfortable, and you won’t have the problem of your shoes rubbing on your heels.

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There are stick on pads that keep your feet from slipping.

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Moleskin. Buy some.

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Your shoes are not fitting you right. You need better fitting flats

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Have you always gotten blisters from shoes other than soft sneakers? Up until I was in high school, I got terrible blisters from anything other than sneakers. I dreaded having to wear nice shoes for church or a special occasion because it was so painful. One day I was standing in the kitchen barefoot, and my mom said, “What is wrong with your feet?” She thought my heels looked strange. They’d always looked that way to me, and I guess she hadn’t looked closely at my feet for a while. We went to a podiatrist and it turned out I had something called Haglund’s deformity. It wasn’t nearly as grotesque as that name sounds. It’s kind of like bone spurs. A quick outpatient surgery took care of it, and since then I’ve been able to wear all kinds of shoes with no problems.

If you’re sure you don’t have some kind of foot condition like bone spurs, you might just need to be fitted properly for shoes. Try to find a local shoe store that will completely measure your feet. There’s a shoe store around here that is owned by a podiatrist and he takes several foot measurements and examines your feet before suggesting shoes.

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The problem may be with your shoes, or perhaps the back of your heel doesn’t curve inward. I have heard this from other people. A shoe shop can stretch the top of the back if it a good leather shoe. It will not work on man made material I don’t believe.

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I am always on the lookout for a good pair of flats! I find that many of them cut sharply into the back of my heel and I end up wearing them once before giving them away. In my opinion the best bet is to look for ones that are leather—synthetic materials almost always lead to problems! Some of them also have elastic in the back, which can make them much more comfortable. One more thing I check for is how flexible the soles are. If the soles aren’t flexible, they’re more likely to rub and create nasty blisters as you walk. I don’t know how much you’re willing to spend, but I’ve had good luck with Tory Burch. Steve Madden also makes some that are quite comfortable and reasonably priced, but I find that they’re less sturdy overall.

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