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Is apartheid something the USA should embrace?

Asked by ETpro (34482points) February 12th, 2010

IrishCentral reports headline reads, “Tea Party serves piping hot cup of hate and bigotry.” They worry that only bits of Tom Tancredo’s racist rant to Tennessee’s Tea Party Convention made it to the press, and coverage there was scant. Most of the reporting was about whether Sarah Palin would run in 2012 or not, and what here chances would be if she did.

Are we ignoring a green-eyed monster that might gobble up the freedom and equality we have fought so hard to establish in America? Or is Tancredo right? Are immigrants and otherness (mainly covered in dark skins) about to destroy all that is holy and good about genteel, white America.

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People with brown skin and other non-white immigrants have always been in America. So whatever America is, immigrants and those with dark skin helped to make it that way.

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Oh sure, apartheid is awesome – ask anyone in Cape Town, South Africa – they’ll tell you

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Tolerance & humility are, or at least should be, high on the agenda.

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No. No apartheid here. The tea party will fall apart when Palin does.

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I definitely think that tea drinkers should not be allowed to associate with coffee drinkers.

But what I’m wondering about is all those tea party folks who are sneaking coffee when no one is looking.

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Just like all those Irish, Polish, German, Italian, Chinese, and Japanese immigrants destroyed America. Oh wait, that’s not what happened, in spite of many reactionary bigots claiming it would, it turns out they built America.

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The only ones with a reasonable justification to claim that immigrants destroy America are the Native Americans, who lost their land and millions of their people in the genocidal expansion of the white devil.

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Of course he is not right. I, for one, am glad that that drivel did not make it into the mainstream media.

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It should have. The world needs to see the true face of that movement.

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Tancredo, in my opinion, is a closed-minded bigot ideologue. He ran for president on a close-the-borders, send-‘em-all-home platform. If he is the face of the new right, I think everyone should see this movement for what it truly is.

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@Yetanotheruser I think you struck out the wrong word. You should keep the more accurate one.

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@Snarp I was trying to be nice. You notice I struck it out, but did not delete!

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This has been going on in the US ever since the “nativists” or “know-nothings” started bitching about those horrible Irish “papist” immigrents in the 1830s. Usually a bad economy fuels this sort of thing.

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Thanks, everyone. @Snarp That’s a particularly clever way to answer the question. Much appreciated. @Yetanotheruser Tancredo seems to be the Joe McCarthy of the racism wing of his party. @stranger_in_a_strange_land It’s good to remember that. Sadly, too many that fal victim to such demagoguery are ignorant of the lessons of history.

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For heavens sake, NO.

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Of course not.

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Apartheid does exist in the US, but it is not recognized as such. The apartheid I’m speaking of is the relationship between the various indigenous nations and the Government of the United States.

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@Yetanotheruser I certainly wouldn’t call that apartheid. American Indianss are free to move anywhere they wish in the US and are US citizens. In South Africa under Apartheid, Jim Thorpe would have never been a great football star and John B, Harrington wouldn’t have been an astronaut. Had they been black in the South before Civil Rights were enforced, they would have been as excluded from these opportunities as black South Africans were under apartheid. I grew up in the South before desegregation. It was exactly like apartheid of South Africa

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I will be glad when us old white guys are in the minority. I need the rest. It is too much work deciding who needs bombed next and always making the right decision about all things.

I need a rest; it’s good to see a middle aged mixed race guy making good and bad decisions. After-all, we old white guys are always right.

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@Ron_C “I will be glad when us old white guys are in the minority.”
We are fast approaching that time (speaking as an OWG!). The Republican OWG’s in power are in denial, and trying desperately to hold on to the dwindling power. I think that’s part of the reason the GOP is in such disarray at this time.

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@Yetanotheruser I think you’re right. And as much as I oppose the current GOP policy platform, I hope they can somehow sort things out. I am no more interested in single party rule by Democrats than by Karl Rove Republicans. Both are equally odious ideas.

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