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1900-1940s, were children of hispanic or asian immigrants citizens?

Asked by shared3 (921points) February 7th, 2009

To clarify, I am interested in….

1. Under the law, were children of the aforementioned immigrants that were born in the United States (the children, not the immigrants), citizens?

2. How were they treated?

I already know a bit about #2, because I have read some stuff about the Mexican Repatriation in that time period.

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The Civil Rights Act of 1866 guaranteed citizenship to children born in the U.S.

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i believe i heard somewhere that the civil rights act of 1866 was enacted so that the babies born to the slaves that were brought here were automatically citizens.

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@jca – it was part of that package of legislation after the Civil War that did things like enable former slaves to vote, have due process, etc. – however, it doesn’t only apply to them and their children. It covers everyone, and would have been in force as law during the time that the question is asking about.

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Yes, they were citizens but in some states laws were enacted to make things difficult for them.

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And in a few states, laws were enacted to make things easier for them.

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